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Teenage Internet Usage

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Come home, log in, 4 or 5 hours later it’s bed time. For most teenagers it’s a routine and for others it’s just a bad habit. They come home from school and instead of doing homework or hanging out with friends, they get on Twitter. Taking some time away from tweeting and putting more time in studying or socializing could help them in the future. Teenagers spending too much time on the internet and not having time for school, family or friends is a very common problem. For a lot of teenagers it could seem like an addiction or daily routine. Some teenagers that spend most of their time on the internet may be suffering from depression or problems at school, such as bullying. Some may agree that the internet is good for the people who have socializing issues or depression because it gives them their own space. Sometimes keeping to yourself and having too much of your own space can lead to not knowing how to socialize when it comes to it in person or in the future. Spending so much time on the internet takes time away from school work and homework. They even stay up past midnight to tweet that one last “goodnight” post, leaving them too tired to focus in school the next day. Being too tired and unable to focus makes it hard to get good grades in class. A lot of times teenagers tend to get caught up in the chat sites with people from all over the world, which could lead to very dangerous situations. Others may disagree and say that chat sites help the ones who have socializing problems. Whether someone uses it for fun or just to find a friend, it could lead to sexual predators or even cyber bullying. Less time on the internet chatting with a new person from Italy or editing your new profile picture for Facebook could help teenagers focus on what actually matters. Teenagers should be spending their time planning their future and hanging out with their friends. Less

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