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MIS (Spring 2007) Information Systems Theory and Practice

Professor: Professor Jason C.H. Chen, Ph.d.
Class time: Tuesday (February 27 – June 16)
Office: to be announced
Office hour: to be announced and by appointment
Required text: 1. Pearlson, K.E. and Saunders, C.S, Managing and Using Information Systems, Wiley, 2006 (3nd edition) 2. A package of Harvard Business School Case Studies

Additional Readings and Cases: Class handouts as needed.

Course Description and Goals
This course is designed to provide the current and future managers with understanding and appreciation of the issues that are related to the organization’s information technology assets. The course is not to educate technical specialists, rather, it is to give students a managerial perspective on the use of, design of, and evaluations of information systems that exist in organizations today. The objective of this course is to prepare students to manage information services in both today’s and tomorrow’s environment with its managerial, social, political, ethical and global issues.

Conduct of the Course

All students are expected to read the assigned materials (text, end-of-chapter discussion board questions (DBQ) and Harvard Business School case studies- HBC) before coming to the class. Some days we will discuss the materials in the text book. You are expected to be prepared to actively participate in this discussion, answering questions such as “What are the issues involved in ...?”, “What do the authors mean by ...?”, and “Give an example of...?”

The second use of class time will be group presentation on the selected cases from the case study package. You will be assigned a group and lead the discussion for this activity. Those of you not assigned for

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