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Tess Own Cotribution in Her Tragedy


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Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.

1. Sensory cells _______ impulses by producing electrical signals.

A. responding B. to respond C. respond to D. respond

Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


A. vaccine: allergy B. bacterium: microbe C. gland: muscle D. vein: organ E. neuron: corpuscle


A. mane: lion B. wattles: turkey C. antlers: stag D. hoofs: horse E. wings: eagle

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.


A. temporary B. shining C. dull D. permanent

Questions 5-8 are based on the following passage.

Although the schooling of fish is a familiar form of animal social behavior, how the school is formed and maintained is only beginning to be understood in detail. It had been thought that each fish maintains its position chiefly by means of vision. Our work has shown that, as each fish maintains its position, the lateral line, an organ sensitive to transitory changes in water displacement, is as important as vision. In each species a fish has a "preferred" distance and angle from its nearest neighbor. The ideal separation and bearing, however, are not maintained rigidly. The result is a probabilistic arrangement that appears like a random aggregation. The tendency of the fish to remain at the preferred distance and angle, however, serves to maintain the structure. Each fish, having established its position, uses its eyes and its lateral lines simultaneously to measure the speed of all the other fish in the school. It then adjusts its own speed to match a weighted average that emphasizes the contribution of nearby fish.

5. According to the passage, the structure of a fish school is dependent upon which of the following?

A. rigidly formed random aggregations B. the tendency of each fish to remain at a preferred distance from neighboring fish C. measurements of a weighted average by individual fish D. both B & C

6. The word “its” in the passage refers to the

A. school of fish B. fish C. organs D. structure

7. The author of the passage believes that the structure of fish schools is maintained through

A. vision only B. lateral lines only C. the eyes and lateral lines simultaneously D. an organ not yet discovered

8. The passage suggests that, after establishing its position in the school formation, an individual fish will subsequently

A. maintain its preferred position primarily by visual and auditory means B. make continuous sensory readjustments to its position within the school C. make unexpected shifts in position only if threatened by external danger D. surrender its ability to make quick, instinctive judgments

Questions 9-12

Each body spray made by a manufacturer is a mixture of two or more essences selected from a stock of exactly five different essences labeled F, G, H, J and K. The manufacturer has learned that a formula for a body spray is acceptable if and only if it does not violate any of the rules listed below.

If the body spray contains F, it must also contain H and there must be twice as much H as F.
If the body spray contains G, it must also contain J and the amount of J must equal the amount of G.
H cannot be used in combination with J.
J cannot be used in combination with K.
If the body spray contains K, the amount of K must be greater than the total amount of the other essence or essences used.

9. Which of the following is an acceptable formula for a body spray?

A. Four parts J, four parts G B. Five parts K, five parts G C. One part F, one part K D. Two parts G, two parts F E. Three parts H, three parts F

10. The addition of more H could make which of the following formulas for body sprays acceptable?

A. Two parts G, one part H, four parts K B. Two parts H, one part J, three parts K C. One part F, one part H, five parts K D. Two parts F, two parts H, two parts K E. One part G, one part H, one part K

11. Which of the following could be added to an unacceptable body spray consisting of two parts H and one part K to make it acceptable?

A. Two parts H B. One part J C. Two parts K D. One part F E. One part G

12. Each of the following is a pair of essences that can be used together in an acceptable body spray consisting of two or more essences EXCEPT:

A. G and J B. K and H C. F and G D. F and H E. F and K
The football coach at Government College, Faisalabad noticed that some of his players were frequently late to morning football practices and seemed somewhat lethargic after they did arrive. He directed his assistant coach to look into the matter. The assistant coach reported back that most of the late and less active players belonged to fraternities on campus which were renowned for their frequent and late-night parties. The head coach then prohibited all of his football players from being members of fraternities. He reported that this would ensure that his players would get to practice on time and that they would have more productive practice sessions.

13. The head coach's reasoning is not sound because he fails to establish which one of the following?

A. He fails to establish a system to monitor his players' fraternity membership and to impose penalties for those who do not follow his new rule. B. He fails to establish that his players are physically big and strong enough to be successful football players. C. He fails to establish that his new policy will ensure that at least some of his football players will go to bed at a more reasonable hour. D. He fails to establish that his best football players did not belong to fraternities anyway. E. He fails to establish that the success of them fraternity system will not suffer if the football players are precluded from becoming members.


14. Who is the present Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A. Irshad Hasan Khan B. Nazim Hussain Siddique C. Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry D. Sheikh Riaz Ahmad

15. Who is the President of USA?

A. Barack Obama B. Condoleezza Rice C. Nancy Reagan D. Hillary Clinton


16. ________ are fixed stations that enable wireless devices to communicate with a land-based transmission network within a given range.


17. FFT stands for:

A. Frequency Fast transmission B. Frequency Fourier transmission C. Fast Fourier transmission D. Fast Frequency transmission

18. The value of [pic] [pic] most nearly is:

A. -5.9399 B. -1.980 C. 0.31402 D. 5.99178

19. Wireless access network is defined as?

A. A network in which data is transmitted using fiber optic medium. B. A network in which data is transmitted using radio signals instead of cables. C. A network in which data is transmitted using Digital Subscriber Line. D. All of the above


|Q #. |Right Choice |
|1 |C |
|2 |B |
|3 |C |
|4 |D |
|5 |D |
|6 |B |
|7 |C |
|8 |B |
|9 |A |
|10 |C |
|11 |C |
|12 |C |
|13 |D |
|14 |C |
|15 |A |
|16 |A |
|17 |C |
|18 |A |
|19 |B |

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