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Chapter 4
Managing Marketing Information

GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Despite the data glut that marketing managers receive, they frequently complain that they lack _____.
a. enough information of the right kind
b. quality information
c. timely information
d. accurate and reliable information
e. valid information
(Answer: a; p. 97; Easy)

2. An MIS consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, _____, evaluate, and distribute information to marketing decision makers.
a. test
b. test market
c. analyze
d. critique
e. assess
(Answer: c; p. 97; Easy)

3. Your firm has just developed its first successful MIS. It interacts with information users to assess information needs, develop needed information, _____ the marketing information, and help managers use it in their decision making.
a. distribute
b. collect
c. retrieve
d. store
e. validate
(Answer: a; p. 97; Challenging)

4. The marketing information system is not limited to use by the company it serves. It may also provide information to _____.
a. the government
b. external partners
c. various publics
d. competitors
e. none of the above
(Answer: b; p. 97; Moderate)

5. Marketers must weigh carefully the costs of additional information against the _____ resulting from it.
a. uses
b. benefits
c. knowledge
d. rewards
e. cost
(Answer: b; p. 98; Easy)

6. Four common sources of internal data include the accounting department, operations, the sales force, and the _____.
a. owners
b. stockholders
c. marketing department
d. custodians
e. quality control department
(Answer: c; p. 99; Moderate)

7. Marketing information from this type of database usually can be accessed more quickly and cheaply than other information sources. Which one is it?
a. External.
b. MDSS.
c. EIS.
d. Internal.
e. Field representatives.
(Answer: d; p. 99;

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