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The American Dream And Poverty

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The American dream is an ideology steeped in the idea of meritocracy. It perpetuates the idea that sheer determination and hard work unequivocally equates to opportunities, success and economic stability. However, based on the accurate and overly used cliche, “the rich gets richer,” the American dream is only obtainable and achievable for a small percentage of Americans. As a result, the individuals that are excluded from obtaining the American dream are considered the “working poor”. Currently, based on the expanding income inequality and stagnate wage growth in the United States, the working poor categories a larger portion of American citizens. The deepening financial straits of the working poor have revitalized the war on poverty. Poverty...

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Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun surrounding the life of a black working class family in Chicago. The name of the play is taken from a Langston Hughes called “A Dream Deferred”. The poem describes the possible outcomes of dreams that are cast aside and forgotten. This poem relates the Lorraine Hansberry’s play, as A Raisin in the Sun focuses on the dreams of the family and how society impacts and defers their dreams. The protagonist, Walter Younger, strives to achieve the American dream; however, his economic standing, his race, and his family defer his dreams. Walter Younger dreams of becoming a wealthy entrepreneur so that he can drive his family out of poverty. However, economic circumstance interferes with his dream. In the beginning of...

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