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The Civil War Advantages and Disadvantages of the North and South.


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The American Civil War is said to be “the last ancient war and the first modern war.” One of the last wars with mass cavalry units and the first war which railroads placed a major part. This was a difficult time for the North and South, not only were they fighting a Civil War, they were adjusting to new inventions. They have gone from horse-drawn carriages to railroads, medical practices that had barely changed in a hundred years; were now treating wounds caused by new inventions. This would be a new kind of war for both the North and South. Prior to the Civil War each side had its advantages and disadvantages. If you were to compare them you would find differences in economic, social to cultural even transportation then any similarities. With so many difference and beliefs it’s no wonder they tore the nation apart, fought against family members and destroyed property. The South was in all aspects following behind the North and did not except or want changes imposed by the North. Regardless of the differences perhaps at the beginning of the war the South was ready to defend its way of life. Their over all differences lead to the Civil War and it was not solely because of slavery, but the right to live as they had for years. Before the war you had the upper and lower South who did not agree to secession at the same time. This caused a dividing line not only was the North and South divided the South was divided between its self. These eight states, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland, and Delaware held most of the South’s resources. So it was imperative they join with the South. These eight states had the power in deciding the fate of the Confederacy by the side they joined. When Fort Sumter was fired upon they realized a decision must be made soon. One Virginian wrote, “We must either identify with the North or

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