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The Effect of Plagiarism


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Chapter 2


Presented in this chapter is foreign and local literature and studies which are relevant to the present undertaking. Literature and studies cited enables the researcher to have a better understanding and a wider perspective of this investigation.

Adversity Quotient (AQ) and its nature

Resilience refers to the ability to cope or to give a successful response to high risk or adversity as measured by the four CO2RE scales of the adversity quotient. It is an outcome of both individual characteristics and environmental causes. Resilience is viewed by the individual from the inside as he or she responds to the outside or external influences and events, viz. Adversity. Richard Davidson, director of the Laboratory for Effective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin, conducted a landmark series of brain imaging studies that tested two groups of people: one identified as highly resilient to life’s ups and downs, the other easily upset by them. Davidson tracked their brain function as they performed stressful tasks, such as writing about the most upsetting experience in their lives or performing difficult math problems under time pressure (Goleman, 1997). Resilient people have a remarkably rapid recovery from stress. A study of store managers at a large American retail chain store found that the managers who were most tense, beleaguered, or overwhelmed by job pressures ran stores with the worst performance, as measured four ways: by net profits, sales per square foot, sales per employee, and per dollar of inventory investment. And those who stayed most composed under the same pressures had the best per store sales records. Davidson said that the resilient people had already started to inhibit the distress during the stressful encounter. He also considers these people as optimistic and

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...Dangers of Plagiarism Institutional Affiliation Author’s Name Date PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is the verbatim act of copying or imitating the language, thoughts or ideas of another author or person and representing them as one’s own original work. This is done without the consent of the original author or person who is the rightful owner of the content. It may be intentional, unintentional or via reckless means. Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic honesty in the academia world. There are various causes of plagiarism which include: I. Inadequate research skills and writing skills among individuals. This includes problems in evaluating the source of internet for reference , careless note taking and confusion on about how to correctly cite reference materials. II. Misunderstanding key concepts about plagiarism. This includes limiting plagiarism to written texts only, assuming that online information is public information but not the intellectual property of the creator and needs proper citation. III. External factors such as competition for good grades among scholars makes some fall prey to plagiarism in this process. IV. Internal factors such as laziness among individuals, poor time management by the individuals as well as poor organization skills by the latter. V. Cultural based attitudes towards plagiarism. Some people from some cultures don’t believe that someone can own language, thoughts or ideas...

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...How plagiarism can affect your life This paper is about how plagiarism can affect your whole life. However, before we can determine the effects, we need to know exactly what plagiarism really means. According to the Oxford dictionaries, plagiarism is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. Some people think that plagiarism is illegal, but only copyright infringement is illegal. The difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism is as follows. The copying of work that is not your own from someone who owes all the right of that work, whether this is a book, film, music piece or an idea is copyright infringement. Plagiarism is the more general term for copying without recognition to the source of the information. Though plagiarism is not always forbidden by law, there could be taken actions against plagiarism by companies or universities. Now we have an idea what plagiarism is, I will try to explain what the dangers of plagiarism can be. In general, the higher you are in education or management the more sanctions there are. For example, when a school kid at the age of 12 copies Wikipedia for his small paper, less consequences would there be than when a professor at a big university copies a colleague’s work. Though throughout the whole history of mostly art and literature many people based their work on other’s or even copied it, nowadays there are more strict consequences bound to copying and plagiarism. Students...

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...Plagiarism and its negative effects are unjust, lack moral and can have serious consequences on both the student and the authors. Plagiarism has become what some are calling a trend due to the influence the internet has had on students, high school and college as well as some educators. Although plagiarism has been playing a negative roll in academics for a considerable amount of time, access to internet cutting and pasting has made it a more talks about subject. While reading the online article on plagiarism, Lines blurred for students in a digital age (Gabriel, 2010) I learned of a student that was reprimanded for copying from Wikipedia. The argument the student gave in defense of his ignorance to what he had done, was that the information he obtained had collective writers and was common/public knowledge. What makes this unjustifiable is the ideas were not his own. Although it may have appeared the student did not have knowledge of plagiarism, he was still reprimanded for plagiarizing. What he did was unjustifiable and unfair to the collective writers and he should have been held responsible. Many institutions enforce a policies apposing plagiarism. These policies protect the authors and encourage students to be more creative, (Gabriel, 2010) relaxing plagiarism standards “does not foster creativity it fosters laziness”. Plagiarism in academia by Syed Shahabuddin has a very strict approach to plagiarism. Shahabuddin speaks strongly about plagiarism and seems to have...

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...Plagiarism is Everywhere In present-day society, with the development of globalization, our society is becoming more and more competitive. Hence, plagiarism is quite common nowadays especially in school. Without a doubt that plagiarism is a retrogress of civilization which can cause a series of negative effects on our society. There are several reasons for plagiarism’s extension. First of all, the awareness of plagiarism of educational system is weak. Many observers believe that cheating begins in high school, where many students are thought to copy from a book (Sterling 1992). Second, students put grades in the incorrect position. Students were taught that the higher grades you get, the better student you are, so students have in common is a general belief that to be the best , you have to copy the best (Thompson and William 1995), because as a consumer of knowledge ( ask Dr.G) students before graduate level lack of research and creativity ability. Last but not least, students lack of self-confidence, for a person who has relied on imitation more than creation for a long time, the skill of avoiding plagiarism is really a hard job (Thompson and William 1995). It is obvious that this phenomenon may cause many negative effects on our society. First, plagiarism leads to low quality education. As a killer of creation and invention, plagiarism will turn out similar works as well as papers which is a symbol of low quality education. Moreover, students who cheat in...

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...According to Bowdoin “Every demonstration of plagiarism sells out general society's trust, disregards the inventor of the first material and decreases the guilty, the art and the industry.” The Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics surveyed 43,000 high school students in public and private schools and found that 59% of high school students admitted cheating on a test. 34% self-reported doing it more than two times, one out of three high school students admitted that they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.(Josephson, 2) Numerous individuals consider plagiarism as duplicating an alternate's work or acquiring another person's unique thoughts. Yet terms like "duplicating" and "acquiring" can camouflage the reality of the offense.(Josephson, 4) Plagiarism is to take and pass off as one's own, to utilize without crediting the source, to confer academic dishonesty, to present as new and unique a thought or item determined from a current source. At the end of the day, plagiarism is a demonstration of misrepresentation. It includes both taking another person's work and lying about in a short time later. Students from different countries are not familiar with the traditions of plagiarism in American universities and colleges. Plagiarism by students, professors or scientists is viewed as academic dishonesty or scholarly fraud, and offenders are liable to academic reproach, up to and including expulsion. Plagiarism is the demonstration of utilizing someone else's thoughts...

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...Honesty Universities and institutions of higher learning have codes of conduct, plagiarism, and academic honesty policies which students must adhere to for academic success. It is essential to the integrity of students, educational institutions, and faculty that academic honesty policies are followed as written to prevent incidence of academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and violations to the code of conduct. In spite of the policies and procedures for student conduct, academic honesty, and plagiarism violations to the code of conduct occur frequently. However, to have academic honesty, academic dishonesty must be avoided. What is considered academic dishonesty? What causes students to commit acts of academic dishonesty? What preventative measures can be implemented to decrease the incidents of academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and violations of the code of conduct? And lastly who is ultimately affected by violating, regulations, rules, and policies related to academic dishonesty. This paper will focus on the cause and effect of academic dishonesty. Current studies have shown that there is a significant rise in the occurrence of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism and test taking infarctions. According to Deddes, (2011) 85% of students admitted to episodes of academic dishonesty by text messaging containing answers to questions sent to another student during test taking and committing acts of plagiarism by submitting papers written by others and claiming the work as their own. According...

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...Plagiarism is defined in the paper written in violation of academic standards, academic achievement with plagiarism for the purpose of copying, rewriting behavior, including: 1, cited the views of others, programs, information, data, etc., without explanatory notes the source; 2, using the views of others constitute all their papers, the core or main ideas, the academic achievements of others as a major part of their academic achievement or substantial part; 3, identical with the others content of the paper, and over one-third of the length of time and published in the post, they cannot prove his thesis does not constitute plagiarism of others; identical parts not up to one third of the length, but his thesis has become the main part of the content or substantial part; 4, two or more signatures, non-duplication of the first author publication or use of the entire contents of the paper; 5, two or more signatures, in addition to the first author, the paper I write non-users of content; 6, used his position did not participate in actual research work in academic papers, books, research, etc. in the signature, share academic honors; 7, by others for their own writing papers or writing papers for others; 8, other papers plagiarism. Norms of academic ethics and academic research workers should follow the basic ethics and norms, is to ensure the normal academic exchanges, raise academic standards, academic accumulation and innovation to achieve the fundamental guarantee. In...

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...Running head: IS IT WORTH IT? Is It Worth It? : The Effects of Plagiarism Abstract Plagiarism isn’t taking lightly when it comes to your education and/or work ethics. Indianapolis Stars, Steve Hall learned this after losing his career as one of the papers top critics. Intentional or unintentional, plagiarism has its major consequences and could be avoided by crediting those who deserved to be credited. Is It Worth It? : The Effects of Plagiarism After working for 13 years as one of Indianapolis Monthly’s top television critics, Steve Hall was fired after being accused of plagiarism. According to Bettie Cadou’s article, Words Fail Me (2000), “Hall took his first hit when his supervisors decided his review of the UPN wrestling program closely resembled an article by Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bank. Then came the final blow, when an analysis of Hall’s previous stories found another half-dozen pieces, dating to 1997, that were deemed too similar to other writers’ works.” Even though Hall at first claimed it wasn’t intentional, the hirer ups felt that too many of his articles sounded too much alike and they made the decision to release him from his duties. In the article, You Can Say That Again (2000), also written by Cadou, she gives a number of examples of Hall’s work compared to some articles in Times Magazine; “Times: The show is smart and often funny… Mr. Kilborn delivers this material with the requisite smirks and deadpan charm … he is blond and boyish...

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...Plagiarism. When we think of plagiarism the word criminal and bad comes into your mind. You understand that it incorrect and should be stopped, but contrary, one does not often intentionally mean to take an already written and published thought. Plagiarism is basically an act of taking an idea, writing, conversation of someone else and presents it off as your own. Plagiarism can consist any type of information like from books, internet, scripts, television shows, interviews, articles, speeches, blogs or any other source where you can find useful information and benefit for your knowledges. It is necessary to indicate the source of information within your writing using an internal citation whenever you use take sentences or phrases from any other source, it would be easier to see who's idea it was. Writing a bibliography in the end of your work is not enough to list the source. Plagiarism is not only in violation of the law, but also in violation of the ethics. This is one case in which laws agree with ethics. To plagiarize means to steal and pass off the ideas and words of another as one own. It is important to recognize that this definition includes the use of another production without crediting the source. When a person makes an effort to present an idea that has been taken from an existing source as new and original, he or she is committing an act of plagiarism, but on the other hand it could help for your studies to look thought all information and collect only information...

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...Disadvantages of plagiarising. According to the Collins Dictionary of the English language (Hanks, 1979), plagiarism is ‘the act of plagiarising’, which is ‘to steal ideas or passages from another’s work and present them as one’s own’. In other words plagiarism is the act of presenting another person’s work through essay, speech, write up or electronically. Intentionally or unintentionally reproducing merely copying, rewording, paraphrasing, adapting, work that was produced by another person(s) without proper acknowledgement in an attempt to gain academic benefit, merit or reward. Intentionally or nonchalantly allowing such reproduction to happen may also complement plagiarism. This core ethical issue needs addressing immediately. Educators will need to consider how students are interacting with information technology and how ethical these interactions are. Unprecedented and unparalleled access to information without consideration to its ownership or authenticity provides ongoing concerns for society. Conger and Loch put it very succinctly. "For every new technology, new situations arise." (Conger, Loch, 1996). Plagiarism is not only copying the words of another person, which can be avoided summarising the sentences, but also the use of words, ideas, data, organization and original thoughts of another person without acknowledging the individual and the most commonly used platform is the internet, Such activities can allow room to serious consequences, sometimes, attracting legal...

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...Is Plagiarism so Bad? To understand the effect of plagiarism we have to understand what plagiarism is. According to the definition of plagiarism state as, “an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own, as by not crediting the original author.” Plagiarism is an academic misconduct in which students try to avoid thinking and writing. The schools expectations are that students will present their own words, ideas, works, and thoughts resulting from their own understanding. Therefore plagiarism in my opinion is a form of dishonesty and a desire to present other’s idea and to be rewarded as for own work. Three things that result from plagiarizing is that defeats the purpose of writing, defeats the school’s goal of teaching, and is unethical. Plagiarism defeats the purpose of writing. According to Nine Things, “When … substitute someone else’s understanding or expression for your own, you avoid the work of using and improving your own expressive ability.” In other words when students are focus on taking other’s words and use them as their own, the process of writing is forestall. The main purpose of writing is to learn and develop the ability of writing skills about something. The schools ask students for such activities just to develop their ability to express themselves. A student may choose the easiest way to finish a project but will not...

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