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The Ethics Of Abusive Behavior In Leadership

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The Ethics of Abusive Behavior in Leadership When determining the ethical, or unethical, stance of a situation, one must understand what ethics refers to and that each person has his or her own value system. Ethics is the analyzation of the morality, or beliefs, of a person, group, society, culture, etc. The standards by which a person formulates morals can be by a variety of circumstances and acquaintances in life, generally beginning in adolescent years when a child learns the difference between right and wrong. Adults face situations every day where ethics are involved, especially those in leadership positions. As history has shown, the line dividing right and wrong is obscure for some leaders who display abusive behaviors. Through the course of this paper, the ethics of abusive behavior in a variety of leadership positions will be critiqued as well as history of abusive behaviors in leadership and warning signs for preventative measures.
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According to the Department of Health and Human Services, abuse can be exhibited in a multitude of ways, such as “physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, neglect, abandonment, financial or material exploitation” (2016). While some abusive behaviors are distinguishable, others can be inconspicuous like manipulation, bullying, belittlement, innuendos, and intimidation. The tone of one’s voice can be as abusive as physical. Deliberate misleading of information or the subtlety of facial expressions can also be considered abusive behavior. The magnitude of possibilities is large and a leader should always present themselves in a professional, civilized, adult manner no matter the

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