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The Flowers

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The Flowers
“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others” This was once said by Virginia Woolf. As a child you grow up having your own idea of what life is - one can even say that you live in an illusion. The child have no experiences to build his/hers world view on. When the child then grows up she is learning how the world actually works and the illusions shatters.
This is a theme in the short story “The Flowers” (1976) from the collection titled “In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women” by Alice Walken. Based on what I know about Alice Walken and her work, I assume Myop is a young girl from a dark colored family in the south, which world limits to the wood behind her family’s house. In the beginning of the story Myop is a happy child with a child’s innocence and illusions. The atmosphere in the beginning is also very calm and peaceful. All these changes when Myop steps on a dead body in the wood. “.. and she reached down quickly, unafraid, to free herself” (p. 107 l. 33) As you see in this quote Myop is not afraid of the situation, but looks at it with a child’s eyes of interest, and trying to make her own experiences. She doesn’t know yet that she has to be afraid. The calmness is then broken and the sentiment changes. Something is wrong and when Myop wants to go back to the peacefulness of the morning, she can’t. The calmness she knows and is pursuing is gone, as Myop has left her childhood.
The point of no return would be when Myop steps upon the body, that’s the turning point of her life. Not only he finds a dead body, but also his white teeth are cracked that shows us that he probably had been beaten up before the lynching.In her ‘illusions’, life is good and fair. Her illusion of the world is not including murder, and when she sees this man – dead by either one – her perspective of the world changes, and her illusions cracks. Mypo...

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