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The Future of Football

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The future of football

In our society today football is the most popular sport and is one that people can’t wait until it starts every year. Players and fans start to get ready once summer starts to come to an end. Players are practicing while their loyal fans are buying gear, getting the grill ready, taking days off of work in advance and buying tickets to their favorite college or pro teams or maybe even high school. Even though the fans show so much support for their sport they don’t know first hand how much of a toll this sport takes on the players bodies with injuries. Many injuries can be fixed and heal but others like concussions which could cause problems to theses players later on in life. Sports analysts and doctors have talked about the future of football because of the risks that result from years of head blows and concussions. To many concussions and head blows can result in serious medical problems for ex-players later on in life like not being able to walk or memory loss. Over the next decade it could be possible that football could be no more because of how serious players futures are affected by these injuries. In this ill give my opinion on the future of football, will it decline and should it be number one.

Is football in jeopardy of not being a sport anymore or even so protected by fines and rules that it’s not fun to watch or even play anymore? No it’s not in any kind of trouble of loosing its fans, players or popularity anytime soon. Player’s love playing this game and the amount of money they might get paid is another incentive in playing as well. Also fans get a sense of enjoyment and pride about cheering for their team or teams and they love the feeling it gives them. On the other hand college and professional football has been implementing new rules to protect against helmet-to-helmet contact so they can protect their student athletes

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