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The Impact Of Digital Technology On Education

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Introduction The digital world has developed greatly in the past decades and has gradually affected the style of education for millions of students through all kind of approaches, such as taking the roles of equipments and traditional learning styles through a digitalized programs and online files. According to Statistic Brain, up to 77% of teachers nowadays use the internet for instruction (2017). Versal’s survey statistics also showed that by 2015, the majority (52.6%) of surveyed teachers claimed that there had been a rise of using online tools for classroom or homework assignments compared to the previous year. With this in mind, this report will explore how technology has assumed roles of the teachers and traditional equipment and how …show more content…
Issues There were several issues that came up regarding how digital technology had influenced the current classrooms, but I have chosen to focus on how learning can be affected by technology advancement and how it could possibly cause the unemployment of teachers, because I feel that these are most influential and significant to our life.

Global analysis Digital technology affects education all over the world, but the level of technology advancement determines to what extent learning can be influenced by digital technology. I will be using two countries to discuss the issues, one being the United States, one of the most technology advanced countries in the world, and the other being Cambodia, one of the least technology advanced countries in the world. According to the poll of teachers across the US, organized by Harris Interactive in May 2013, up to 86% of the teachers who took the poll thought educational technology is absolutely essential to classrooms. This demonstrates how reliant teachers have become on digital technology, and one of the main consequences of this is that it could promote the unemployment of teachers in the future, since learning has started to become more and more digital and based
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It had become the world’s largest education market, with more than 400 million students, and it is now turning to increasing the quality of its education, and in 2012, China spent four percent of its GDP on education, digital education in particular. All provinces had also been requested to start digital learning by 2015, and now, traditional learning resources have been replaced by digital versions significantly. I have been to international schools in both Beijing and Shanghai, and the level of digital technology use is even higher in Beijing. In some days, all of my homework requires to be done digitally on computers, and digital technology is used in every single class. Now, not only international schools but also public schools in China have started to add more computers and digital learning into their classrooms. Online educational platforms have also emerged, and “in some cases, online courses could even do a better job at teaching certain specific skills”, says Rong Wang, a professor at Peking University who researches educational finance. However, China still faces challenges with teachers who are not willing to move onto an online teaching style, especially when very few teachers in the central and west regions have an appropriate understanding of digital technology to incorporate them into everyday classroom instruction.

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