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The Impact of Jewish Life in Florida


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Signature assignment: The Impact of Jewish life in Florida
Michael Otero
West Coast University

This paper identifies and shows my reflection on the Jewish museum of Florida which exhibits the richness and diversity of Jewish life from 1763 to the present Jews, non-Jews, Florida residents and visitors alike. I examined how Jews during these times grew to develop a dynamic variety of ethnic groups, all seeking to balance the continuity and traditions of their heritage wit the values and customs of a larger society. This paper also explains the central issues rose from the museum and historical purpose it served as the Jewish community made its contributions in Florida.

Topics * Identify and explain the central issues raised by the museum.

* Formulate a distinct, individual point of view (personal reflection) that engages critically with various perspectives offered by the museum.

* Evaluate the evidence that the museum offers for its point of view.

* Consider how the site/exhibit/museum uses cultural, political, and (or) historical contexts to present its issues and purposes.

* Exhibit your knowledge of how the museum presents and uses cultural worldview frameworks, and also how you use your own knowledge of those frameworks to engage the museum.

The Jewish museum of Florida located in Miami was home to congregation Beth Jacob and was the first synagogue on south beach. The synagogue is the building in which congregation meets, its three functions were: a place of worship, where the community comes together to raise its collective voice to God; education, where learning the commandments enhanced the understanding of Jewish life: and assembly, where all may meet to express the joy of life. This synagogue, which at first was denied to be built, was chosen to be there due to the major concentration of Jews south of the

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