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The Information Security Challenges and Threats of Private Banks: Evidence from Bangladesh.

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The Information Security Challenges and Threats of Private Banks: Evidence From Bangladesh.

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Abul Khayer Lecturer Department of International Business University of Dhaka

Submitted By: Raju Ahmed (Id no. 5) Lima Nath (Id no. 19) Tanzin Ara (Id no. 26) Zuairiyah Mouli (Id no. 43) Syed Arman Ali (Id no. 57) Department of International Business (3rd Batch)
University of Dhaka

Letter of Transmittal
3rd november, 2013
Abul khayer
Department of International Business
University of Dhaka

This is to inform you that the report on “The information security challenges and threats of private Banks: evidence from Bangladesh” that you assigned us to prepare has been submitted already. We have tried our best to disscuss the findings. Hope our report will fulfill the purpose and encourage us to do further.

We express our gratitude to you for your guidance and we hope that this report will fulfill your requirements. Any short of suggestion regarding this report will be greatly acknowledged and we will feel proud if our paper serves its purpose.

Sincerely Yours, Raju Ahmed (Id no. 5) Lima Nath (Id no. 19) Tanzin Ara (Id no. 26) Zuairiyah Mouli (Id no. 43) Syed Arman Ali (Id no. 57) Department of International Business (3rd Batch)
University of Dhaka

Table of Contents Abstract 4 Executive summary 5 1. Introduction 6 2. Literature Review 7 3. Research Objectives 9 4. Methodology 10 5. Technical Product Used by Bank in Bangladesh 11 5. Findings and Analysis 16 5.1 Technology Driven Services 16 5.2 Top Software vendors 17 5.3 The level of use of technology 18 5.4 Threats and Risk Analysis 19 5.5 Reasons of the Threats 20 5.6 Preventive measures taken by Banks 21 5.7 Policies used by Private Banks in Bangladesh 22  Disaster...

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