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The Knightliest of Knights


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The Knightliest of Knights I find these passages significant because Sir Gawain shows how and what it takes to be a chivalric knight of the Round Table under King Arthur. The first time we see the chivalric knighthood of Sir Gawain is when he accepts the challenge presented in front of everyone from the Green Knight. During a time of feasting and frolicking, the Green Knight enters King Arthur’s court and makes his presence known to everyone. He then offers a challenge to everyone in the court, including the King and all of his knights of the Round Table. When a hush falls over the court and nobody steps forward to acknowledge the challenge, King Arthur takes the axe offered from the Green Knight and heaves it over his head. Before he can strike the Green Knight, Sir Gawain emerges and stops the King. He tells King Arthur that he will take the challenge and the melee shall be his. This is the first example we see of the chivalry presented by Sir Gawain. A knight must be loyal to his lord and to God and a knight must never run from a challenge; Sir Gawain definitely shows loyalty to King Arthur when he takes the challenge from the King so the King does not lose his life in the end being as the person who accepts the challenge has to give the Green Knight a strike from the same axe. The second time Sir Gawain’s chivalry is presented is when he sticks to the challenge he accepted from the Green Knight and finds him in a year’s time to give the Green Knight his due. Most people would have forgotten about the whole thing even happening within a year’s time. If they had remembered, they especially would not go to extreme lengths like that of Sir Gawain to find the Green Chapel all the time knowing what is to happen of him once he gets there. He endures lonely nights with just his horse, Gringolet, to call a friend and little to call food. He crosses brooks

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