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The Landlady Prequel White snowflakes fell one by one from above, slowly but gently covering every inch of town. Just like every other day of the year, she got up at six o’clock sharp, made the beds, and strolled down the squeaky staircase of the house that seemed to be ancient. Today marks the 7th year since her beloved son has been deceased. She limps towards the tiny speck of sunlight that overflowed through the window crack of her child’s bed chamber. Her eyes roamed the tiny room as she took a deep breath. The thick, musky scent filled her lungs. Sometimes, she just liked to sit there for hours, reminiscing the few moments in her distance past when her life was perfect. Now that she thought of it, those moments seemed like only a few split seconds. A cold shiver travels down her spine as the memory of the day her life took a tragic turn. A mixed feeling of sadness and numbness attacked her. All of a sudden, she could not feel any emotion at all, just the dark pit of emptiness inside her heart. Emotionless, her hands magnetized towards a tiny wooden box that hid under the crib. Dust flew of the surface as she blew on the top of the polished cherry wood. Inside, was the soul of her first and only son, whom was taken away from her arms exactly 7 years ago. Her hands suddenly started shaking furiously, and the box crashed to the floor. Why did every bad thing in the world have to happen to her? She thought to herself. The rage, anger, regret and fury she had bottled up from all the years began to come back to her. There is still one way she’ll be able to get revenge on this world for taking what’s hers, all it costs are the souls of three young men that would take the place of her first born…

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