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The Lorax Ap Environmental Science


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1. What was this natural resource the Once-ler found? Truffula tree
2. What was the product? Thneed
3. How was it used by buyers? Shit, sock, hat, carpets, pillows, sheets, curtains, etc. Multi-purposed for endless things.
4. What did the Lorax want to know of the Once-ler? Why he is cutting the tree down (Stewardship, speaking for the trees).
5. How did Once-Ler answer? He only cutted down one tree, everybody needed a thneed. He thinks that if he didn’t exploit he environment someone else would
6. Name an example of technology that YOU can use at home. Television
7. Name an example of technology that YOU can use at school? Laptop
8. Name an example of technology that an adult might use at their work. Blackboard.
9. What technology did the Once-ler use to increase the production of thneeds? Increased workforce with more family. Uses a Super-axe-hacker to cut four trees at once. Created four roadways with machine.
10. How did the production of threads affect the key natural resource, truffula trees? Trees were all cut down beyond point of regrowth.
11. Name the animals. Humming-fish, Brown Bar-ba-loots, Swomee Swans
12. Explain why these animals needed truffula trees. Produce fruit eaten by Bar-ba-loots and provided shade. Swans perched themselves in the tree.
13. Waste Byproduct-1? Glump
14. Waste Byproducts? Smog from factory.
15. Were the waste byproducts that resulted from the making of thneeds harmful or helpful to the environment. Harmful.
16. Explain how the byproducts of making thneeds affected these animals.
Swanee swans can’t sing or breathe with the smoke. The fish can’t sing with schloppy-schlop in their gils.
17. Did the Once-ler try to prevent or stop the environmental effects of producing thneeds? No
18. Explain. and he must have industrial progress. Can’t shut down

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