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The Lost Letters Of Pergamum Summary

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The Lost Letters of Pergamum was a very interesting and educational book. The author, Longenecker, used actual historical facts to write a biblical fictional story that takes place in the first century New Testament time span. While reading the book, I was interested in the fact that Longenecker produced enough information that allowed me visualize how early Christians lived during this time. He is able to show us people, places, events, and issues that are raised in different academic courses on this particular matter such as Jewish history and sects, slavery, Roman customs, gladiatorial games, hospitality, Nero and Domitian, Josephus, John the Baptist, Pilate, Nazareth, Antioch, the Samaritans, cynics, magic, the burning of Rome in A.D. 64, the belief in the revolt of Jews and many, many more. Even though the book is fictional, many events and people in the book can be found in the bible itself.

Bruce Longenecker was able to give us a glimpse of …show more content…
During this time it wasn't unusual for men with scholarly backgrounds to discuss spiritual matters due the high presence of many great thinkers and philosophers. Luke and Antipas both had a great amount of knowledge and understanding of the role of gods and spirituality but at the time of the letters, Antipas only had a basic knowledge of Jesus. During the First Century, peasants and noblemen alike understood the deities and gods but usually worshipped them out of fear and not necessarily out of love. They didn't go by the concept of serving one God but they served many Gods. When Antipas acknowledged he served Jupiter in his letter, he was addressing specifically who he served. Jupiter was known as the King of Gods in the Roman Empire. The Gods of Rome were supreme and very spiteful to those that didn't serve them. Even the emperor was seen as a representative of the Gods and was ultimately considered a God on

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