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The Paralysis Caused by Wealth Through Milkman and Guitar’s Characters

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Gabriela Cankova

The Paralysis Caused by Wealth through Milkman and Guitar’s Characters

The book “Song of Solomon” represents a coming of age, a change, a metamorphosis in a young man. Throughout their lives Milkman and Guitar experience different childhoods, have different friends and live their lives dissimilarly due to their financial situations. When an opportunity for wealth comes up both of them start dreaming of different things, belongings and experiences. This desire for money paralyses them in that they can’t do anything to achieve their dreams. So even though Milkman and Guitar’s financial situation in their childhood is different, their longing to be rich and have money is equally strong, leaving them paralyzed. However, Milkman is able to escape the stillness in his life and does more than just “yearn”, he works towards achieving his dreams. Growing up Milkman and Guitar develop a different view on money because of their families wealth. In his childhood, Milkman had everything he wanted and grew up being the center of attention. As his family is driving down Not Doctor Street the reaction of the neighbors is described as, “In 1936 there were very few among them who lived as well as Macon Dead. Others watched the family gliding by with a tiny bit of jealousy and a whole lot of amusement…” (Morrison 32). The author is showing a picture in which Milkman and his family are better than everyone else, especially better than most black people. They live a life which is unknown to their community. They are different, special and have everything they need and want. The words “jealousy” and “amusement” show the feelings that others had towards them but “respect” is not one of them. Everybody watches from a distance wishing they could be driving the Green Packard. The movement of the car, which is described as “gliding”,...

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