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The Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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Birth Control Throughout history, the idea of whether birth control should be used has been a hot topic. Some believed it was harmful to the body while others thought it saved lives. Margaret Sanger, a woman who stood up for women’s rights, fought for birth control. She believed she could make a difference in the world and did what she could to accomplish it. Many people strongly believe that women should be able to have control over their own body. No one should be forced to do something with their body that they don’t agree with. They should stand up for what they believe in ordinarily stop being scared by societal norms. “Victoria Woodhull was perhaps one of the first people to preach the importance of ‘no means no’. No one – not your husband, boyfriend, or date – has the right to act against your wishes” ("10 Victoria …show more content…
However, others opposed it and had their reasons. There are many side effects to taking birth control. Weight gain, mood changes, missed periods, and many more symptoms all can wrack a woman’s body when she starts birth control. There is also the fact that some young women find it controversially uncomfortable discussing the matter with their parents as they feel it creates discomfort and tension between a daughter and her parents.
Consequently, though, the risk that occurs from not being on the pill. Margaret’s own mother faced complications from having too many children and died at an early age. Just 50 years old, she had wasted away from the strain of eleven childbirths and seven miscarriages. Standing over her mother’s coffin, Margaret faced her father and lashed out, stating “You caused this. Mother is dead from having too many children” ("People & Events: Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) "). After that, Margaret Sanger wanted to help women come up with something to prevent childbirths. She wanted younger women to be protected alternatively having to suffer like her mother

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