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Pros And Cons Of Birth Control Essay

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Today, American women use multiple different types of birth control methods. In 2011, forty-five percent of pregnancies were unintended ("Unintended Pregnancy"). In other words, that is almost half of all pregnancies. These unintended pregnancies are a huge reason as to why many women make the decision to use birth control. Some of the most common types of birth control (birth control pills, intrauterine devices, abstinence, and tubal ligation) are methods prescribed or suggested by a woman's health care provider. Each birth control method has a negative side effect but they all assist in preventing pregnancy and offer other health benefits as well (SP3). For example, birth control pills may cause heart attacks, but they also help prevent pregnancy and acne ("The Pill"). Although birth control can have negative side effects, it has health benefits that outweigh the risks. …show more content…
There are two different types of birth control pills. Combined birth control pills, the first type of birth control pill, contain estrogen and progestogen, and have a nine out of one-hundred chance of becoming pregnant ("Birth Control Pill"). Progestin-only, the second type of birth control pill is commonly known as the mini pill and only five out of one-hundred become pregnant using this pill ("Birth Control Pill"). For some women, it can be difficult to remember to take medication daily so they may choose another birth control option. On the other hand, if a woman is forgetful when it comes to her medication, there are software applications, or apps, for smartphones that make it possible to get medication reminders and alerts. There is less risk of pregnancy if you take birth control pills daily and at the same time each day ("Birth Control Pill"). Therefore, there are many reasons for a woman to use birth control

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