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The Shrew Comparison

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In the play The Taming of the Shrew and the movie 10 Things I Hate about You there are many similarities and differences. They both have the same plot, characters have the same names and/or characteristics in the play and movie, and they have similar settings and themes. But they are also different in ways.
In the play Taming of the Shrew the main characters are a man named Petruchio who wants to marry Katherine, who has a bad temper. Then there is Lucentio, who is in love with Bianca, Katherine’s pure, loving, kind, younger sister, and will do anything to win her over.
In 10 Things I Hate about You, we have Patrick, who falls in love with Kat, a bad-tempered girl, and Cameron, who falls in love with Bianca Stratford, a loving girl and who …show more content…
It specifically takes place at Baptista’s house, where all the challenges with love take place. On the other hand, 10 Things I Hate about You takes place in Padua High School in Seattle, Washington, and it is nowhere near as glamorous as Padua, Italy. The biggest theme in both works is “People aren’t always what they seem.” In the Taming of the Shrew this theme is at the end when Cambio and Litio reveal themselves to be Lucentio and Hortensio and when it appears that Kate has been tamed by Petruchio and she acts completely normal. “My mind hath been as big as one of yours, my heart as great, my reason haply more, to bandy word for word and frown for frown; but now I see our lances are but straws, our strength as weak, our weaknesses past compare, that seeming to be most, which we indeed least are. Then vail your stomachs, for it is no boot, and place your hands on your husband’s foot, in token of which duty, if he please, my hand is ready, may it do him ease. In 10 Things I Hate about You, Kat appears to be normal and good, after she falls in love with Patrick. Kat and Katherine aren’t what people to think they are (bossy, abusive, bad-tempered women), when really they can be kind -spirited

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