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February 18, 2013

The Social Network: Dead Dwelling Souls of Two
The film, The Social Network, is about a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg who has the idea along with the abilities and programming knowledge to create a website called Facebook. But with the help of his best friend Eduardo Saverin, the first project, Facemash, was a successful one yet a failure. After Eduardo's big financial contributions to Facebook, they decide to expand. Their expansion makes the co-founder of Napster, Sean Parker, become interested in their new website. Mark takes Sean's advice while Eduardo tries to find advertisement in New York City. At the Facebook Celebration Party, Eduardo is notified that his shares of the company have been diluted from 34% to 0.03%. At the end of the film, Sean Parker and some of Facebook's interns are arrested for having possession of cocaine. Between Mark, Sean, and Eduardo's interest, the friendship among everyone seemed to become worse. The Social Network indicates that differences among best friends can ruin their friendship. I agree that differences among best friends can weaken or end their friendship because my experience with my best friend confirms it. First, I agree that differences among best friends can weaken or end friendships because of arguments. The opening scene of the film shows Mark and Erica at the Thirsty Polar Pub conversing about final clubs and later they get into an argument. The argument begins because Mark tells Erica that she needs to be supportive because if he gets in a final club, he will be taking her to events or gatherings and she will be meeting people she wouldn't normally get to meet. The argument results in Erica breaking up with Mark. According to the film, Erica states "I think we should just be friends", but Mark states "I don't want friends." Then, Erica states "I was just being polite. I have no intention of being friends with you." In other words, Erica believes that she was being a supportive girlfriend but Mark insulted her by saying what he said about meeting people she wouldn't normally meet and sleeping with the door guy at the bar they attended. She then feels as if they needed to be friends and not a couple, but that's not what Mark wanted. This same situation occurred to me as well. My best friend and I got into a dispute because I informed her that I was attracted to the same sex. This led to her not being supportive of my interests and our 7-year friendship ended. Mark feels that Erica isn’t being much supportive of him just as well as my best friend wasn't being supportive of me. Sometimes arguments help realize who your real friends are and whether they are supportive of your decisions or interests. Next, I also agree that friendship among best friends can also be ruined when one person wants to have more authority or power over the other. In the movie The Social Network, Sean Parker brainwashes Mark's head with his history of helping create Napster and an online rolodex and what Mark's website could be like. He gets into Mark's mind and provokes him to do what he wants. At the end of the film, Mark gets a phone call from Sean Parker and Sean lets Mark know that he been arrested for having possession of cocaine. Mark feels like he was wrong for putting trust into someone that betrayed him or even let Sean Parker fool his head with those brilliant ideas. I've also experienced a situation like this with one of my childhood friends. When I was younger, my older friend tried to bully and pick on me. She tried to get me to engage into the activities she was doing and telling me how they will help build my reputation around our neighborhood. But what she failed to realize was, that I knew the difference between right and wrong. So I decided to end our friendship. Sean brainwashed Mark's head as well as my childhood friend brainwashed me. Sometimes being surrounded by posititve influenced people and positive behavior; this will create positive behavior within your efforts.
Finally, I agree that differences between best friends can ruin friendship because of jealousy issues. In the film, Mark is jealous of Eduardo because he got accepted into the Phoenix. Mark didn't show much signs of jealousy, but Mark proclaims how he was going to get into one of the Final Clubs. Not only have I experienced arguments or controlling problems with my best friends, I've also experienced jealousy issues with a friend. One of my friends became extremely jealous of me because of how good I was doing in school and sports and the things that I was accomplishing. They tried to put my name in everything when bad situations came upon them. Mark is jealous of Eduardo's accomplishments, as well as my friend was jealous of the accomplishments I was making in school and sports. Sometimes friends that are jealous become more than just trouble; they also become torment to themselves as well. My experiences and examples from the film are reasons why I agree that the differences between best friends can weaken or end their friendship. The Social Network is a very interesting film that teaches many lessons for entrepreneurs, self-values, and life lessons as well. If Mark would have realized that he had good friends on his side such as Erica and Eduardo, things wouldn't have ended the way the ended. I would advise best friends not to attempt to create a business together because one of the reasons (arguments, power, or jealousy issues) will ruin their friendship.

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