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English III H Name Kevin Williams, Katie Sheehan, and Jenn Fassnacht
Mr. Lynch
Short Story Analyzer
Short Story: The Corn Planting Author: Sherwood Anderson

|Element for Analysis |Response/Evidence |Significance |
|Basic summary of the story: |Hatch Hutchenson lives in a small town, where he marries a schoolteacher and they have a son named Will. The |-Glorify the small-town lifestyle |
|Major action of the story in five to eight |Hutchenson family runs a farm even after their son Will goes into Chicago to attend school at the Art Institute as|- Stressing importance of keeping a connection to |
|sentences. |a cartoonist. At the Art Institute, Will meets a young man named Hal Weyman and they become good friends. Hal |the Earth. |
| |Weyman develops a strong relationship with the Hutchensons and visits them to read Will’s letters while he is |-Shows the distance created by industrialization |
| |still at the school. Hal receives a telegraph notifying him that Will died in a drunken car crash, and Hal and the|and cities. |
| |narrator travel to the Hutchenson household to bare the bad news. The Hutchensons are so distraught with the news |-Portrays the dangers of the cities (drinking, |
| |that in order to cope with their loss, they proceed to plant corn in their nightgowns in the middle of the night. |parting, ect.)

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