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Thirteen Letters To Paul Analysis

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The new testament has a number of thirteen letters dedicated to paul and his findings. Most scholars today agree that paul has forsure wrote 7 out of the 13. The six other letters credited to paul were probably not physically written by him. The scholars came to this conclusion by evaluating the different styles in the letters and the anachronisms described in the rejected batch of letters. The 7 authentic letters are the earliest christians documents to survive, which shows their importance. Another big importance is that we actually know that paul is the author of at least 7 of these letters, which is hard to say about any other scripture in the bible. The 6 “pseudepigraphical” letters also have an importance because it sheds light on the …show more content…
The First Thessalonians establishes paul believed in an imminent apocalypse. He expected to be among the living during christ’s second coming. “ Then we who are living… will be snatched up… in the clouds to meet the lord in the air” (4:17). In the letter Philemon it was one of paul's shortest letter that was the most undervalued because paul urged the slave owners to free the slaves which was unheard of in this time. In his letter the First Corinthians paul corrects those in Corinth who think they already experienced a resurrection. Paul insist that our body will become resurrected. Paul lists whom the resurrected Jesus appeared to, citing himself at list’s end. He writes, “We are fools for christs sake” and defines love (Love is Patient)... because a second coming is imminent paul writes, “Every one should remain in the state in which he was called” (7:20). In the letters of Galatians paul mentions meeting james, which is jesus brother, 3 years after paul's vision he describes peter as a hypocritical in Antioch; he was angry when discussing the practicing of cutting themselves. In Galatians, paul’s tone is edgy, not kind or loving. Paul writes, “Before God, I do not lie!” (1:20). Paul stresses that he writes in large letters “with my own hand” (6:11). In paul's romans letters it showed a different view because all the other letters were to churches paul founded. Paul was …show more content…
With only having a number of letters that we are forsure are from him makes it reliable when talking about things. Paul even showed his view on women at the time, He showed how women were equal to me. He favored women as helpers and names them Phoebe as a “deacon”. It shows that anti-female sentiments in letters were at a later time. In other words scribes who copied letters added lines in over time. Paul was all about reforming and helping with these letters. That's why they are still so powerful today because he has some of the oldest valid writing in christian culture. It gives people faith to rely on the words he wrote. This made such an impact on the christian religion in so many ways. Even though we may not know everything we still have a good since of the right and wrongs in the letters after analyzing them over hundreds of years. Paul helped start a revolution of christian passovers. His letters are so special that they are still well presented today and will be presented for many more life times to

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