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Three Branches In The Federal Government

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Final Exam Essay We in the United States of America have three branches in our Federal Government which are the Legislative Branch (congress), The Executive Branch (the President), and lastly the Judicial Branch (the US federal courts). Each branch is equally important for the successful operation of our nation and democracy however not each branch is equal in the power it holds. Fundamentally the Legislative Branch contains the most “power” in the federal government for Two reasons. One the system of checks and balances leans biasedly towards the legislative branch. Lastly congress is the body if government which decides what laws will be made while the Executive branch only …show more content…
This bias can be directly seen by viewing the US’s system of checks and balances. Looking briefly at these limits we notice the Judicial Branch has only one check on the Legislative branch which is the power of Judicial review. The Executive Branch only has one check on the Legislative Branch which is vetoing laws. However, the Legislative Branch has several on each branch. Some powers the Legislative branch has is it can over-rule vetos, hold impeachment trials, confirm or acknowledge many the President’s actions, confirm justices, and hold impeachment trials for justices as well (How Does Our System of Checks and Balances Help Protect Our Rights). The Legislative Branch’s power completely over shadows the other branches just from the powers granted from the system of checks and balances. These crucial powers provided through this system could potentially allow congress to run the nation without consent of the other houses in most …show more content…
The duties of Congress include, “making legislation and allocating funds for the running of the federal government and aiding the 50 U.S. states” (Phaedra Trethan). What this means is the actual laws we live by are decided upon by the congress. In comparison, the Executive branch can only suggest laws. Also, all monetary decisions are either made from or approved by congress. This means the Legislative Branch can control the actions of the Executive Branch through their funding decisions. Nonetheless the Executive Branch still plays crucial roles in the government. “running the day-to-day responsibilities of the federal government as collecting taxes, safeguarding the homeland and representing the United States' political and economic interests around the world” (Phaedra Trethan). However, looking back at the system of checks and balances and the powers of Congress stated above, The Executive Branch wouldn’t be able to complete their agenda for operating the day to day of the nation if Congress doesn’t approve the budget or allocation of funds to an activity. Again, the Executive Branch only enforces the laws made by Congress and relies on Congress to pass the laws to give the branch the ability and funding to serve the

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