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I believe that HP has the advantage because they have been making servers as well as improving them.

HP is integrating new ProCurve networking technologies with its Blade Systems platform in the latest move in its competition with Cisco in the converged data center space. Analysts have said that HP’s expertise in both networking and the data center gives HP an opportunity to make inroads against such rivals as Cisco and IBM.

Hewlett-Packard is ramping up the competition with Cisco Systems, IBM, Dell and others in the burgeoning converged data center space by integrated its ProCurve networking technology with its Blade Systems blade server platform.

Strength: HP engineers have been working to more closely tie the company’s substantial data center hardware offerings with its increasingly competitive networking products. The integration of the two is a key step in bringing solutions into the unified data center fray, according to Matt Zanner, director of data center solutions at HP ProCurve.

Zanner said the blade switches are designed to help drive down capital and operating expenses, as well as power consumption.

HP has an advantage over Cisco in the converged data center push in that it not only has the growing networking business, but also the established server and storage offerings, Yankee Group analyst Zeus Kerravala said in an interview.

Kerravala said. “HP has a real opportunity ahead of them. They have all the data center components. They can pretty quickly … pull it all together.”

Cisco in March began expanding its reach in the data center beyond the networking gear with the announcement of its UCS (Unified Computing System), an all-in-one offering that includes a server, networking technology, storage and management software from itself and partners, such as EMC and VMware.

HP countered later with its Blade Systems Matrix.


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