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To Kill A Mockingbird Disillusionment Analysis

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Different Approaches to Disillusionment in American Literature

In novel writing, style serves as a significant, yet often underrated, element of a work. William Faulkner uses shifting points of view and stream of consciousness to portray how different people react to corruption and disillusionment through Benji, Quentin, and Jason; The Sound and the Fury takes on a unique approach to these common themes and contrast with other similar literary works like To Kill a Mockingbird. Caddy is the reason why several of the characters become disillusioned. Benji feels a foreboding sense of loss because his sister and caretaker has abandoned him. Quentin used to idealize Caddy, yet after her promiscuous escapades, Quentin turns to depression and eventually …show more content…
In To Kill a Mockingbird, for instance, Harper Lee uses Scout as the sole narrator to portray the loss of innocence and maturing of Scout, Jem, and Dill. While this novel does succeed in portraying its themes, it would have been interesting if Lee had chosen to write from Scout’s, Jem’s, and Dill’s point of view because they each become disillusioned in different ways. Scout clings to Atticus’ words about stepping into other people’s skin. Jem temporarily loses his faith in humanity and turns to anger. Dill cries because his sensitive heart cannot bear the sight of people being cruel and unfair to one another. If Lee had written her novel in the style of The Sound and the Fury, readers may have developed a clearer understanding of the different reactions to being disillusioned by racism and the Southern social caste …show more content…
In “April 7, 1928,” Benji’s simple mind mistakes the word “caddie” for his sister’s name, leading him to cry because he misses her. Benji’s crying remains continuous throughout his narrative, signifying his deep sense of loss over his sister. Benji’s inner thoughts are memories of what he and Caddy used to have. Benji recalls hearing, “Keep your hands in your pockets Caddy said. Or they’ll get froze. You don’t want your hands froze on Christmas do you” (2). In Quentin’s section of the novel, Faulkner shows the slow deterioration of Quentin’s trust in Caddy and the antebellum South. Quentin muses about the flowers at Caddy’s wedding. “Roses, not virgins like dogwood, milkweed…Roses. Cunning and serene” (62). His suicide is the ultimate sign of the corrosion of his once idealistic and intelligent mind. Finally, “April 6, 1928” showcases a final reaction to disillusionment—bitterness and cruelty. Jason constantly berates Caddy. He argues with Quentin about whether he or Caddy paid for the schoolbooks. He calls his sister degrading names like slut and whore. Jason’s key phrase throughout his narration is, “Once a bitch always a bitch” (145). This frequent phrase fully expresses Jason’s contempt because of the corruption and disillusionment he has experienced. His harsh language shows that he is full of pragmatism and

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