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Irish as well as irish roots site say that Cork is a irish name and that cork was settled by irish immigrants almost exclusively. The name, a transfer name is derived from County Cork in Ireland, and the impressive cork oats that grew in he area. County Cork is in the Southwest region in the province of Munster. IT is the third most populous county on the island of Ireland. There are three great rivers and is dominated by marshes and grasslands with woodlands.Surnames were Mc Carthy, Callaghan, and Mc Aulffie to name a few.
The landscape that once started with huts by the sea, populated only at first by monks, rancheros and indians later turned into a bustling city with farms, villas and a huge cathedral dotted by many other littlechurches of differing christian faiths. The early settlers were well educated and came from wealthy backgrounds from the southern counties of Ireland.
Different architectural stlyes reflect a long history in town, There is some mention of Danish vikings settling down south of Finbares monastary; and trading with the Gaelic/irish community.
Germantown assosiative name. junction: as one might expect, it was populated mostly by german immigrants with small mention of french, english and high dutch. One of the landmarks is the Germantown academy, famous for medicine practices, but had applied sciences in general.
Greasertown aka Petersberg: No longer inhabited was Located in Calvereas county, listed as one of Californias original counties. It is four miles west of San Andreas. The meaning of the word calveras is skulls. The county derives its name from the Calvereas River which takes its name from when a early explorer found many first nations skulls along the riverbank. It is documented these “many” died from famine or tribal conflict. The county was inhabitated by Black Bart and Lizzie Borden to…...

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