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Traditional Media Marketing: Use of Print Media

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Traditional Media Project: Print Advertising

Print media has been an effective form of advertising for many years. In 1836, a French newspaper, La Presse, first charged for advertisements to lower the print price. From most historical accounts, this is considered the first occurrence of print advertising. Print advertising is generally defined as any form of media advertising that uses materially printed media, such as newspapers and magazines, to reach its target market. Today, print advertising is still valuable due to the captive nature and segmentation of age and income demographics among readers.
To make advertising successful, the message has to be understood and remembered. Print advertising accomplishes this by incorporating advertisements into the flow of the section and capitalizing on the individual’s focus on the printed material. For example, today’s fashion magazines, like Vogue, are loaded with advertisements that tend to outnumber the content pages. Due to the incorporation of the full page advertisements, the reader tends to enjoy the paid content and it’s even a contributing factor for purchasing and reading the material. The other benefit of print advertising is the focus that a reader has when viewing the content. With the increasing level of distractions with personal electronic devices, printed material has a unique advantage with fixed content that the reader can focus on. This is true because once the user has selected a printed material to view, they tend to stick to the flow of the content and do not have the ability to “click” through a string of miscellaneous articles as seen online. An effective print advertising campaign enhances the paid for content in a non-invasive way by promoting complimentary product or services that satisfy the needs of the medium’s target consumer.
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