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Desires of the people to move

Need for goods: demand for Transportation. Transportation affects everyone on earth, on a daily basis. People, countries, governments, business, whole economy rely on effective, reliable transportation in one form or another.

Major Transportation Systems

Car, Bus, Truck, non- motorized ..etc

Passenger and Goods

Aviation and freight carrier

Ships, boats…
Continuous Flow systems

Merits and Demerits: Based on accessibility, mobility, cost, tonnage..

Highways/ Road Transportation Oldest mode

Foot paths- animal ways, cart path……..
As civilization evolved the need for transportation increased India (5,000 BC) Egypt (3,000 BC) Greece and Babylonia (2,000 BC) Romans (500 BC)





Contribution towards road development TWO MAJOR TYPES OF PAVEMENT IN EARLY DAYS Thomas Telfold (1757-1834)
John Loudon McAdam (1756-1836)WBM Road Even practiced today


Hand placed boulders with decreasing depth towards edge. Gaps filled with smaller aggregates

Foundation(subgrade cambered) Crushed rocks of size about 40 to 75mm placed in uniform thickness and rolled

Highway Development in India
Important land marks Jayakar...

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