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Africa has always been seen as a mysterious and unexplored continent, full of ancient beliefs and religions, inhabited by different populations and cultures. Historians, travellers and scientists, have always been fascinated by the myth of a “dark continent”, so different from the neighbouring Europe, and so unique as the same time, for its traditions and way at life. This analysis is focused on two regions in particular, West and Central Africa : the region of West Africa was explored by Mungo Park first, at the end of the 18th century, and by Mary Kingsley exactly one hundred years later, while Henry Stanley went to the Central part of the continent, with the purpose of finding his companion Livingstone, in a first journey from 1871 to 1872, and he secondly came back to Africa for a new mission in 1874. This essay highlights the different approaches these authors took to talking about the country, and the different ways in which they set off for a journey into the “Dark Continent” at their time. It will be divided into three different sections, one for each author, following a chronological time. In each part the main differences and common themes Park, Stanley and Kingsley share, will be analysed.
Mungo Park’s book recounts an eighteen-month expedition in West Africa [...] that commenced in May 1795 . He was accompanied by two African servants and his aim was to reach the Niger River. It is important to say that Park set off for the journey at the behest of the African Association, who asked him to accomplish three principal tasks:
• he had to ascertain the direction in which the Niger flowed;
• he had to find the city of Timbuktu, which people believed to be rich with

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