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Trends Ignored by Apple


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Since being founded in 1976, Apple has been considered as leading designer and integrator of computer hardware and software. By 2010, it has completely changed the music, mobile telephone and retail operations. One of the most important reason behind its success has been deep understanding of people- what they want and how they want. Even those products were created by Apple, which people were not aware of; that they would need it, love it. Example is- I- pod. It had innate sense of market timing. The company operated against typical conventional wisdom. It launched Apple store instead of going into direct selling and other distribution system. The customer’s involvement was also considered while making products. This was a good move to make the products customized.
Trend ignored by Apple are:- * Apple was not afraid to operate outside its core market, when at the same time other companies were operating only in their core market, in which they were successful. So we can say that Apple took risk and thus gained more * When most of the competitors were going for direct selling and distribution model, it opted for “Retail Operations”. * When computer was only meant for use by specialist and in organization, it was made and positioned for being supportive and fostering individual’s work. So, in a way it changed trend and was customized. * Generally competitors didn’t have design target. They just simply make device, launch it and then come to know about its success. But, in Apple’s case, they first had design target according to customer’s need and then worked with engineers to achieve it. So, lot of creativity was involved. * The products of Apple were highly interactive in comparison to other competitor’s products. * Detail designing:- smallest detail was being considered, simple designs, easy to adopt solution,

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