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Trendy culture
“Critical Role in Adolescence Sexual Behavior

Dr. Charles Belcher
Adolescence Psychology
Ebony Ervin

Group 4
Sociology of Human Sexuality
September 30, 2013
Adolescence marks a developmental phase in life where young people oscillate between being children and being adults. Aristotle argued that reasoning takes form in this phase and “the most critical aspect of adolescence” is the ability to choose, and that “self-determination is the hallmark for maturity” (Santrock, 2012). During and throughout this phase young people are learning how to identify themselves with the outside world. They are challenged with the developmental tasks of understanding the physical transformation of their body, which is critical in establishing self-esteem, developing a personal value system, building meaningful relationships, and working toward independence from authority figures such as parents or guardians and most importantly, establishing their sexuality. “Human sexuality is defined as the sexual interest and behaviors that include physiological, social, cultural, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. It encompasses: sexual orientation, sexual Identity driven by both biological and social forces. (Buster 2005) Adolescents in modern day society are engaging in sexual acts and displaying sexual behavior as early as middle school. It has clearly transformed from being sacred among the individual to setting a trend shared among many cultures throughout the world. “By the time they enter high school most adolescents experience some form of sexual encounter or already have experience with sexual intercourse with multiple partners” (Siedman, Fischer, Meeks 2011). As a result of adolescence risky sexual behavior, sexual transmitted diseases is relatively high among this millennial generation.…...