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Trials by Natural Disaster

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ESLSCA- Organizational Behavior

Prepared by: Hassan Ramadan

Class Number: ESLSCA 7

Supervised by Dr. Hesham Sadek

Case Study 2 “Natural Disaster & the Decision That Follow”

Subject: Trials by Natural Disaster Prepared by: Hassan Ramadan Class Number: ESLSCA 7 Supervised by Dr. Hesham Sadek Case Study 2 “Natural Disaster and the Decision That Follow” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Problem Definition:

A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard that affects the environment, and leads to financial, environmental and/or human losses. We cannot stop the natural disaster or predict it clearly but good planning and suitable procedures may control its bad outcomes. The wrong decisions and bad actions can shape the outcomes of the natural disaster into the worst image.


Justification for problem definition:

Natural disaster such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, lahars, landslides and typhoons not only judges people in charge, huge organizations and great political systems but also affects on the ordinary people life. People are powerless in the face of Natural disaster.

• Do not have the right equipments to get the nearest possibility of Natural disaster time and limit.

• Do not prepare plans to face Natural disaster in its various degrees.

• Take wrong decisions and procedures when the Natural disaster takes place.

• Have two faces Mass Media and useless laws.


List of alternative course of actions:

• Establishing Crisis Management sector.

• International cooperation.

• Prepare and train decision makers.

• Control Media by strong applicable laws.


Alternative Evaluations:

• Establish Crisis Management which has the right people to set the right plans to face Natural disaster and its outcomes.

• International cooperation is needed and it is actually a must to exchange the information and experience.

• When preparing the decision makers, they get the chance for analyzing results for different solutions and get the proper procedures before, during and after natural disaster take place.

• It is a fact that there is nothing called fair media all over the world but we should find the fair laws to control media at the time of Natural disaster and after it


Crisis Management should be established which stands ready to assist reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts whenever disasters strike. Crisis management identifies key strategic areas of action and proposes specific steps to implement them. Crisis Management should examine new financial instruments that can serve addressing these new priorities.

The governments should make strong laws facing misleading media to not cause any kind of losses.

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