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William Shakespeare was notoriously famous for the amazing stories he told through his plays, from Romeo and Shakespeare to Macbeth. Most of his plays have and element of Romantic Comedy associated in the story line. This is no different in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Twelfth night was written around 1601-1602 and officially published in 1623. The first performance of the Twelfth Night is believed to occurred on February 2 1602. The Twelfth night is a romantic comedy for the ages, It revolves around a love triangle. But saying love triangle doesn’t even do it justice, essentially all the characters are in love with each other. it’s a story that I think could hold up in a modern day version. The story is about a girl name Viola who was in a shipwreck with her brother Sebastian, Viola is rescued by a captain and his ship. On the ship she is informed about a duke name Orsino, she learns that he is single and this intrigues Viola so she wishes to meet him and eventually marry him. So when she arrives she feels that in order to meet Orsino and get close to him she has to develop a disguise. So viola cuts her hair and becomes a young teenage boy name Cesario. Violas plan to marry the duke has one problem in it. The duke is madly deeply in love with lady Olivia. Lady Olivia is a pretty Nobel women, that every one has feelings for. The duke wishes to marry Olivia, but Olivia hates the idea and has denied the duke numerous times. And also chasing and competing for Lady Olivia’s heart is her steward Malvolio. Malvolio is a devoted steward and will do anything for Olivia but secretly loves her. And What makes this weird is that when Olivia meets Viola dressed up as Cesario she starts to fall in love with him/her. Other character who are in love with each other. Sebastian, Violas brother washes up on the shore with a friend Antonio. Sebastian is looking for Viola,

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