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Tysha Alston-Fletcher
Critical Analysis # 3

This video talks about the process that immigrants endure when crossing the border in the United States. This video is based on the part one process that immigrant community has to complete to stay in the U.S. for thirty days. Looking at the outcomes of immigrants crossing the border is overwhelming and overcrowding many detention centers. This process that these immigrants are enduring, it’s for women with their children. This gives family a little hope and freedom until meeting with a judge. The evidence that’s shown within this video breaks down the relationship, using statistics on generational immigrants in the United States. This video looks at immigrant within their socioeconomic status to fit them into a certain demographic. The video focuses on immigrants in the United States to establish citizenship and a chance of a new life for these families. This video research looks in-depth into the impact and outcomes with immigrant’s families that are seeking citizenship once crossing the border with their children. The video develops data to breaks down women and their children immigrant to figure the different step that theses immigrant families have to endure before gaining full citizenship in the U.S. With the reporters breaks the down the selection bias which is a cause and effect method that manipulate the citizenship within the immigrant culture. With this result that was established in the video tell that immigrants entering the U.S. into can become a beneficial for the families to have better lives with their children.
Comparing the required reading to the article they tackle some of the same issues about citizenship within immigrants. In the book it talks about immigrant’s arriving to a new land and the rituals of citizenship. In chapters nine in the book talks about the migration of

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