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PM587 – Assignment: Case Study – Section 3
Executive Summary Report
UltraMAX pill is the new NutroBalance’s weight-loss drug study project investment, approved by NutroBalance board of directors. UltraMAX is a weight loss supplement intended for women who lift weights and do cardiovascular exercises. The decision was based on the successful results NutroBalance experienced two years ago with the Ultra pill, which is also a weight loss supplement but intended for men. The board of directors originally approved the project to start on February 22, 2010 and expected it to complete by September 1, 2010 and under a budget of $41,880.00 with an expected duration of 138 days.
To date, the project manager and its team had a few challenges to overcome. The first challenge was to rearrange the original schedule in order to fix resource constraints over the last two weeks of April. The team was able to level the resources and still expect the project to complete on the original schedule date and under the same budget; however, after a month and a half into the project, it has been discovered that the project is behind schedule due to a delay on the third task “Screen Test Subjects” assigned to Sarah who had an unexpected emergency and was out for a few days. Screening the Test Subjects was originally expected to take no longer than 20 days but instead was completed in a period of 30. Such delay caused the project three resource constraints on Sarah’s schedule and an increase on the budget of $3,600 due to the need of resources for an extended period of time. Under the new conditions, the new project expected completion date is September 14, 2010 under a budget of $45,480.
The project manager and its team have analyzed the new data trying to find solutions and ways to correct the already mentioned issues and get the project back on track. The first issue is to…...