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Applications are invited for the position of Technical Services Manager in our Service Department.
Management of Claims Team, Spare Parts Team, Logistics, Technicians (Contracted and Salaried) Team. * Ensure product repairs are effected according to established company standards * Ensure job resolutions/updates are submitted according to company standards * Ensure efficient and effective distribution/assignment of jobs to technicians * Effectively manage the technicians appointment system for best output * Oversee the compilation and submission of Extended and First Year Manufacturers’ Warranty Claims and resubmissions of denials. * To provide information regarding credit and cash returns from claims submitted to the Technical Services Director on a monthly basis. * Manage the timely provision of spare parts required to effect repairs in accordance with the Unicomer Customer Experience guidelines and Brand Promises. * Ensure all stock items being housed in Service are assessed and decisions re transfer/write-off made within established timelines. * Communicate with the Customer Experience Manager, Branch Managers and Branch Representatives to update and resolve issues relating to service requests. * Effectively use the Spares Management Systems to manage stock levels and ordering of spare parts etc. * Ensure that stock variances are kept within the established tolerable limit * Ensure that spare parts are delivered according to supplier agreements and take appropriate action where violations are detected. * Oversee the compilation of the weekly technician’s payroll and all other payments to suppliers, trade partners etc.
Staff Management * Ensure that staff members are aware of company’s security and safety procedures. * Ensure that staff members receive the necessary company

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