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QFD is a method of helping interfunctional teams of people from marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and sales work together to improve product development. Its main focus is around the “voice of the customer”. By using the House of Quality (HOQ) to understand the voice of the customer, they are able to translate this into the voice of the engineer to help keep a consistent design scheme.
The first thing you must do is identify the customer’s needs. These range from the benefits they want to the service they expect to be provided. Personal interviews and focus groups are then made to find anywhere from 100-400 needs that the customers desire. The next step is structuring these needs into a hierarchy based on primary, secondary, tertiary, etc. After structuring the needs, they are then prioritized so that the most desired needs are taken care of first while the others are not deemed as necessary. The last thing that is done is to have the customers assess the current products to see which aspects they should replicate in future products.
All of this must then be translated and communicated to the engineers to establish the “voice of the engineer.” They come up with design attributes such as time to perform task, initial setup time, and time for a new operator to perform the task. All of the engineering measures must then be compared with others. The engineers then specify the strongest relationships while leaving the other 60-70% blank. A roof matrix is then created to analyze the tradeoffs between the different variables.
These processes have been implemented in many different companies with great success. This method was used to introduce things such as new designs of spirometers, consumer stationary products, construction tools, communication programs, and chemical mixing devices.
Overall, this method is an effective means to getting data in a timely manner

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