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Introduction: in this assignment I am going to explain the recruitment process and documentation and what they are used for.
Recruitment is the process which in businesses use to obtain selected candidate for a job vacancy. This process helps businesses to pick the suitable people that match their specifications.

There are 4 main types of documentation that are included in the recruitment process job description person specification application form legal contract
Job description: is a document that states the initial role of the job that is being advertised which allows the person to know what they are applying for and be prepared for their interview. A job description typically outlines the necessary skills, training, required job hours and education needed by a potential employee. It states out the duties and responsibilities of the job. The use of job description helps an organization to understand the experience and skill needed to enhance the success of the company. It is used in many stages in the recruitment process, in the advert and interviews.

Person specification: is a document that allows employers to know whether applicants are worth interviewing because they state the essential and desirable requirements which Skills experience Educations qualification Experience Special knowledge
In most cases person specification can be shown up with job description in an advert.
It allows the candidate to understand the qualities needed for the role, it also help the company to make fair judgement with no discrimination regardless their race, gender, religion and disabilities

Application Forms: this is a typical way of applying for a job however there are two ways of application documentation, CV and a cover letter. Most companies expect a candidate for a job to have a CV, this is used to

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