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|Date of preparing: 07/03/2015 |ENGLISH LESSON PLAN – GRADE 11 |
|Unit 12: Period 78 |UNIT12.THE ASIAN GAMES |

I. Aims/Objectives
1. Educational aim
- Extensive listening: multiple choice questions
- Comprehension questions

2. Knowledge and skills:
* General language knowledge:
- New words: coming live (adj) freestyle (adj) gymnasium (n) Lee Bong-ju land (n) bar (n) gymnast (n) Vichai

* Skills:
- Extensive listening: multiple choice questions
- Comprehension questions

II. Preparation:
- Teacher: lesson plan, tape.
- Ss: revise old lessons and skim the lesson at home. III. Anticipated problems - The Ss may not understand some requirements so the T should explain in Vietnamese

IV. Procedure
|Teacher’s / Students’ activities |Content |
|A. WARM UP (5ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of teaching and learning: individually |
|T asks S about the topic of the lesson and introduce the lesson | |
|ACTIVITY 1: Pre-teach vocabulary(5 ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of teaching and learning: the whole class |
| - T introduces the new words and their meaning to Ss |coming live (adj) |
| |freestyle (adj) |
| |gymnasium (n) |
| |Lee Bong-ju |
| |land (n) |
| |bar (n) |
| |gymnast (n) |
| |Vichai |
| |
|ACTIVITY 1: TASK 1(10ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of teaching and learning: group work |
|- T asks Ss to underline keywords then plays the tape 2 times | Key: |
|for the Ss to give the answers of the task 1 |C |
|- T asks some Ss to write their answers on the board |A |
|- T plays the tape the third time and gives students the right |B |
|answers |B |
| |D |
|ACTIVITY 2: TASK 2 (15ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of teaching and learning: group work |
|T asks Ss to underline keywords then plays the tape 2 times for |Key: |
|Ss to give the answers of the task 2 |1. (It was at) 10.15 p.m |
|T asks some Ss to write their answers on the board |2. (They have won) 6 gold medals. |
|T plays the tape the third time sentence by sentence and correct|3. (He has participated in the long jump 2 times |
|the answers on the board |4. It was high jump. |
| |5.He looked very disappointed |
|ACTIVITY 1: group work (8 ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of teaching and learning: group work |
|- T asks Ss to work in groups to talk about a famous athlete | |
|- T call 1 group to share about their favorite famous | |
|E. WRAP UP (1 ms) |
|* Methods/techniques of consolidation: the whole class |
|- T: review the lesson |The Asian Games |
|- T: assign homework |* Homework: |
| |1. Write a short paragraph (about 100 words) about a famous athlete . |

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