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Whilst completing this assignment I am hoping to learn about ten different pieces of legislation in detail and also be able to link all ten to different health and social care settings.
I am also hoping to successfully identify the policies that accompany the individual pieces of legislation and then further explain how these pieces of legislation and policies allow individuals to feel safe and secure within a setting and help to protect the health, safety and security of service users and employees within the settings.
I am hoping the further my knowledge of how legislation, policies and procedures are used within health and social care.

Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting. Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA) 1974 The Health and Safety at Work act is a primary piece of legislation that provides the legal structure to promote high standards of care in health and social care settings. The aim of the Health and Safety at Work act is to protect employees, service users and the public from potentially hazardous activities, objects and surroundings. The Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers are to provide a safe environment, personal protective equipment and training for employees regarding health and safety in order to provide the best quality of care and the highest level of safety. Employers must provide the suitable training, instruction and supervision for employees free of charge that is necessary for the employees to carry out their job as effectively as they can. Safety equipment should also be provided and maintained by the employer in order to provide protection. The Health and Safety at Work act is also the piece of legislation that put risk assessments and policies in place in order for an employer to

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