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Discuss potential differences in the care needs of individuals at different life stages (M3)
Infants: (0-3 years)
Physical -happy changing and feed – Babies are extremely relied on upon their guardians with a specific end goal to meet their Physical need, they can't sustain themselves so the parents need to know the right temperature of the food to feed the baby. The parents need to change the baby’s nappy and change their clothes because they can't do it without anyone's help. This is an informal care because they are not being cared for via carer.
Emotional -interacting with family and other infants - Babies are extremely reliant on their guardians so as to help. The parents need to show love towards their babies so they feel adored. Babies love to interface with different babies and play with them. This is an informal care.
Childhood (4-10 years)
Physical- shelter and warmth- Children are reliant on their guardians so as to help yet not all childhoods rely on upon their guardian’s majority of them like to be more dependent on them. The parents need to provide shelter for their children the fact that they can't deal with themselves. The parents need to verify they have warmth the fact that they are little they cannot by any stretch of the imagination keep themselves warm. All kids' have the right to have shelter and warmth yet not all kids have great warmth or safe house that they might not have parents or carer to take care of them and possibly nature they live in , this is an informal care.
Emotional – family love and friends –All teenagers need love from their guardians and friends so as to do things it helps by keeping the anxiety away. Every child deserves family love example great family interaction could tell one another their problems and share happiness. all the kids have family love and friends associations throughout their life which is a great thing that can help with the keeping stress away that they may be having however some children may have issues throughout their life and also family interaction this is awful because they may not get the love they deserve so that leads to depressions and they may feel friendless and can't generally share what’s on their mind, this is an informal and formal care.
Adolescents (11-18)
Physical - food and safety -At this phase of life the potential care needs of the adolescent changes somewhat from childhood because the fact that they don't reliant on their guardians that much as adolescence, in this stage some adolescent try to be more dependent by themselves. Yet some of them still dependent on their guardians or carer. The parents or carer needs to make sure that the teenagers have all the potential care needs that they require. The parents or carers need to provide food to the teenagers because the fact that they may not know how to cook and additionally keep them safe as they are still young and also they need safety so they could be kept away from criminal acts , this is an informal care.
Intellectual - Education and career planning - In this stage parents should be fully focused about sending their teenagers to school or college as education is really important role in their life because they have to start planning for their careers in order to find money and live a good life. Majority adolescents are wards more on themselves more than others yet at the same time need help from their guardians or carers. Each kid has the right to be taught and to be cared for however some may require additionally caring for and more support with their learning because of the mental issues or well-being issues, this is an informal and formal care.
Adulthood (19-65)
Physical- health needs (GP) – as adults age they may develop problems such as high blood pressure as a consequence of stress due to long working hours, financial difficulties with and/or family problems. They can develop high cholesterol if they eat more fatty foods (fast food) rather than eating home-made healthy food. This can then result in obesity as a consequence of not enough exercise, long working hours as they are mostly at home so they do not really go out. Sometimes older people will develop joint pain due to general wear and tear. This informal and formal care.
Social - Job and children- In this stage of life the adult’s dependents more on themselves than on their guardians. The adulthood life is hard because the fact that they need to discover employments and start earning money for a great future and with a specific end goal to take care of their own new family example most adults decide to get married and have a little family as well as children. Every adult needs a job to earn money and remained on their own feet however not every adult can do that in view of their wellbeing issues or mental issues, this is an informal care.
Old (65+)
Physical -getting dressed and feed -Old age life is very hard because as they get older they get less active some get ill and get other problems so they need someone to look after and support them example getting dressed by a relative or a career and also feed them because they can't feed themselves. Some old individuals wards on their children as they grow older and look forward for them to take care of them and keep them however others may not dependent that much on their children and go to care homes so different carers could care for them, this is informal and formal care.
Emotional – Mental support and family- This stage the old age people gets passionate quickly or gets annoyed about stuff really quickly this can lead to stress, depression or any other health issues. They need families love in order to give them the feelings that they have somebody and that they are not alone and the family should hear them out so as to make them feel great and for them it is ideal that they can believe that they have somebody that they can share things to or go out and invest time with them .Some old age people like having family around to invest time with however some don't like to have the chance to have family around they quite recently need to be separated from everyone else which is bad for them because that leads to mental health as in depression and having a feeling of disappointment of things throughout their life's that they have done or haven't done in their life, this is an informal and formal care.

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