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Sureya Bibi Unit 4 P1 What Types of information are there ? Information comes from a wide variety of sources and an effective business person which will research information from a variety of source before making decisions for the business. The type of information there is available are listed below ● Verbal Communication Face to Face Communication is the best way to communicate with two or more people or sources .Moreover there is less scope for misunderstanding for verbal and nonverbal communication .Telephone conversations is also a useful way of communicating with customers in a professional business environment . The range of verbal communication is wide .Verbal communication allows West Yorkshire Police to express their ideas to be discussed in order to ensure the safety of everyone and fr the better welfare for everyone . Verbal Communication allows West Yorkshire Police to convey their message to the community in different ranges of choice of course which is rapid .Verbal communication is in order to discuss the economic strategies and the arms control . ● Written information Written Communication is the use of physical symbols to represent the word . Words are the sounds that make up speech which West Yorkshire Police . West Yorkshire Police can use written communication can be a physical presentation demonstrated by west Yorkshire Police , diagrams ,graphs and charts of West Yorkshire Police cash flow .Moreover West Yorkshire Police cannot reach their present state without economic ,social and technological development without their ability to produce written information .Written Communication also comes from a wide variety of sources including newspaper ,books ,trade journals and government publication . ● On screen information On Screen information can be information which is provided by West Yorkshire Police which is displayed on screen.The information which are provided by West Yorkshire can be provided on TV, CD-Roms that would combine the information which is provided on text ,graphics ,animation ,audio and video . ● Multimedia information Multimedia: Multimedia is the multiple forms of media integrated together . Media can be the following which are listed below ● Text ● Graphics ● Audio ● Animation ● Video ● Data etc . An example of multimedia is that on the west yorkshire police they have images of the people that are in currently in custody at the West Yorkshire Police Station . Another example of multimedia is the video which are available on the west yorkshire police to inform the community who their constables are of their community if they wish to

communicate to them regarding any matters which may affect them .Multimedia can be used by the west yorkshire to create a good publicity and for hypermedia of West Yorkshire Police. Web based information Web based information display a numerous number of Benefits of multimedia technology for West Yorkshire Police . Furthermore this would be an advantage for many people as the information which are provided by West Yorkshire Police can be received and read the information wherever and whenever it is convenient for them to read the message provided by West Yorkshire Police. Web based information is a key factor for a business executive . Web based information is a significant amount of interactive multimedia content which is delivered from the internet . What are the Purposes of information ? The purpose of information is to 1. Update Knowledge 2. Inform future developments 3. strategic direction and Swot analysis 4. Offer Competitive insight 5. Communicating Sales Promotions 6. Inviting Support for activities Updating Knowledge Updating Knowledge is vitally important that West Yorkshire Police keep up to date with the changes that occurring within their market . Information is required by West Yorkshire Police ,so that the West Yorkshire know the following which are listed below ● So West Yorkshire Police Know how their market are developing ● How Labour Markets are changing ● What the economy is doing ● What are the new rules which are being passes that will affect West Yorkshire Police the way they operate All this information helps West Yorkshire Police to make accurate decisions based on full knowledge .The decisions which are wrong are likely to be the result of inadequate information which is provided to West Yorkshire Police Inform future developments West Yorkshire Police does not modify ,develop and grow will quickly finds the company left behind by the competition with its competitors .The development of West Yorkshire Police needs to be based on informed decisions . West Yorkshire Police are not going to sell a product or service unless they have evidence that the product will be likely to sell and run successfully . Strategic direction and Swot analysis Strategic direction : Where an organization is going over the next year or more . Swot analysis : Strengths, weakness , opportunities and threats .

Strategic management is the process by which West Yorkshire Police decide their purposes objectives and desired level of accomplishment . Strategic management helps West Yorkshire Police to decide on actions for achieving these objectives in an appropriate timescale and frequently in a changing environment . This allows West Yorkshire Police to implement the action and then assess progress and results . In Order for West Yorkshire Police to create strategic direction , West Yorkshire Police need large amount of information provided by internal and external sources .Once the information is obtained by West Yorkshire Police from external and internal sources , a useful planning tool known as SWOT analysis is used .Swot analysis can be used as a tool for audiating West Yorkshire Police and its environment .Swot analysis is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on their main issues . Strength and weakness of West Yorkshire Police are internal factor The strength of West Yorkshire can be the following which are listed below ● Their specialist marketing expertise ● West Yorkshire Police's new innovative product or service ● The location of West Yorkshire Police Station ● quality process and procedures ● any other aspect that may add value to West Yorkshire Police’s products and services . The weakness of West Yorkshire Police can be the following listed below ● Lack of marketing expertise ● The location of West Yorkshire Police Station ● poor quality goods or services ● a damaged reputation of West Yorkshire Police ● Undifferentiated products or services which are offered by west yorkshire police Opportunities and threats are external factors of West Yorkshire Police ● A developing market for West Yorkshire Police such as internet ● A new international market ● A market which is left by West Yorkshire Police ineffective competitor ● Moving into new market segments that offer improved profits ● Mergers , joint ventures or strategic alliances A threat for West Yorkshire can be the following listed below ● Price Wars with competitors ● A new competitor in their home market ● A competitor having innovate product or service ● Competitors having superior access to channels of distribution ● Taxation being introduced on West Yorkshire Police on their product or service Offering Competitive Insight Offering competitive insight allows West Yorkshire Police to be aware of what their competitors are doing , to ensure they do not fall behind in sales ,lose sales and market shares in the market .Regular Research and communication helps West Yorkshire Police to assess their competitors sales , marketing and development activities . Not all but some large business have a selection of their marketing departments dedicated to

analysing their competitor activity .Monitoring and analysing of the behaviour of competitors is essential for West Yorkshire Police in competitive markets Communicating Sales Promotions West yorkshire Police use a wide range of information and methods to communicate their sales promotion to their customers . West Yorkshire Place information about the product , services and special offers on their website . West Yorkshire Police also use the newspaper ads , television ads and radio adverts . Good Research which is carried out by West Yorkshire Police would help them offer an insight into the behaviour patterns of customers and their buying motivations . Information can therefore help West Yorkshire Police to promote their goods and services to sell more effectively . Inviting Support for Activities Information is needed and needs to be communicated in order to support West Yorkshire Police business activities . This support can come from within the organization or from outside the organization . An example of this is that if West Yorkshire Police wish to pass a new law they will have support from the government , president and the workforce itself . Clear information will need to be given to staff ,explaining why the business need to move in this direction .

Internal source of information Internal information will come from a variety of information within the organization . Some of the main departments are as follows Finance : Finance would have the wealth of information relating to West Yorkshire Police performance , profit and loss figures ,balance sheet ,cash flow information and the cost of running the business . Sales departments : Sales departments would store information about West Yorkshire Police customers , the sales department would also keep an account on West Yorkshire Police existing products and services and sales records . Human Resources : Human Resources Department of West Yorkshire Police can provide information about the amount of staff they have employed and the training of employees within the organization . Human Resources can also provide information about Staff turnover , skills available ,training needs and projection for future employment . Producation : Production team of West Yorkshire Police would be able to give details about production cost , along with past and possible future levels of production . Marketing: Marketing can give the information about the results of research undertaken by West Yorkshire Police, the success of previous marketing campaigns , promotional activities , as well as information about the market the organization currently operates within . Customer Service :

Customer Service can tell you the feedback receiven by customers and how customers received to West Yorkshire Police existing products and services . All the above functions which are listed above requires a considerable amount of administration which in turn requires information External Source of Information External data exists in the form of published materials , collected by someone else who is not from the organization .There are a number of external sources which are listed below ● Government Sources Government Sources are supplied by the office of national statistics , department of trade and industry and lastly the organization of economic development .Some of the key government publications include the monthly digest of statistics ,Labour market trends . ● Trade Grouping Trade Grouping are Groups of West Yorkshire Police which are from the same industry as West Yorkshire Police that provide a service to representatives of West Yorkshire Police .Trade Grouping of West Yorkshire Police can act as pressure groups to initiate positive changes for the environment of West Yorkshire Police .Trade Grouping can also publish trade journals which is a useful resource for West Yorkshire Police .Trade journals are published by the leader of West Yorkshire Police that are working for them , but also make excellent research materials . Magazines include the following which are listed below ● Supermarketing ● Convenience Store ● Supply management Commercially provided databases Commercially databases are used by private research that pursue in building up databases of people who are known to have interest in certain products and services which are provided by West Yorkshire Police .There are a number of research agencies where list may be purchased by West Yorkshire Police that target their customers from direct mail . It is Hoped that the response rate received from customers would be high , as these customers on well known to have interest in the product provided by West Yorkshire Police . Research Research : Research means gathering of data , information and facts for the advancement of knowledge . West Yorkshire Police may conduct their research in order to find out information about their market ,customers and views from staff that work for West Yorkshire Police . Market Research always incorporates some form of data collection which is collected by West Yorkshire Police , it may also be secondary research which is referred as desk research . Desk Research means using information which already exists , or primary research which is collected directly from the respondent . The purpose of West Yorkshire Police research project is to achieve an increased understanding of the subject matter .Market Research is now an agenda for West

Yorkshire Police whether the organization of West Yorkshire Police is a large or a small organization . Reliability of Data Sources When West Yorkshire Police collect information they have to determine how valid the information is that they have collected . West Yorkshire Police always have to ask themselves is the information they have collected accurate ,relevant and truthful , they also have to ask themselves whether the research is bias .An example of this is that the newspaper have a particular agenda that influences the way that they translate the information which is provided to them . Telegraph and argus , and the daily mail might report the same story but will take different pitch relying on each journalist personal views and the newspapers agenda . The audience that are streaming the internet need to be more caution example BBC , Wikipedia ,the mainstream of telegraph and argus would be reliable. Many Sources Such as wikipedia and personal blogs can be biased , inaccurate and will lead negative publicity for West Yorkshire Police . Therefore leading negative publicity can lead to decrease volume of investors .

This image is a screenshot of web based information about Child Sexual Exploitation . The information also provides the information which are listed below ● Prisoners that are currently in custody with West Yorkshire Police.

M1 When West Yorkshire Police present their information they should always think about their targeted audience and how would they use the information .West Yorkshire Police always need to think about how they would refer the information afterwards and what are the most important aspects of the information . Documents There are a range of documents in existence within West Yorkshire Police organization .A document is writing that provides information about West Yorkshire Police and especially information of an official nature . Documents are almost everything that is a representation of what west yorkshire police think in a written form . Documents are useful for west yorkshire police because they provide a lasting record of the communication that had taken within the organization and allow the receiver to reread the information as many times required in order to gain a good understanding of the material .This would be important because the information which is provided by west yorkshire police can be lengthy or technical .Documents can be useful for west yorkshire police to use because the documents would be useful when they need a record of communication that had taken place. Different documents are required depending on the needs of the user.An example of needs of the user may be that they need to know the length of the meeting which will have to be formal and offical so that the users are clear about what has been aggreed and what has to be implented . A document produced by West Yorkshire Police for staff asking if they wish to attend the office christmas party would be less formal . Style The style that West Yorkshire Police adapts is the manner in which the west yorkshire police may execute a task or action .The style in which the west west yorkshire police use whilst communicating would depend upon factors such as where they are communicating , who they are communicating with , the method west yorkshire police are using ,and what role they are carrying out whilst communicating with the user or someone from the community .The style west yorkshire police adopt is a significant factor when it comes to both the manner and the effectiveness of West Yorkshire Police’s workplace communication .An example of this is that the senior manager may use a dominant style when they are communicating with their manager but may use a more submissive style during board meeting that they have been asked to attend . Verbal Presentation

● It also tells the customer that are streaming West Yorkshire Police how they can get information by entering their postcode or finding their neighbourhood . ● It also shows the customer if they wish to report a crime they can report it whilst streaming the website . ● Furthermore it also shows the customer camera alerts to be aware them and to inform them to contact the police if they have seen the prisoner / criminal and contact the West Yorkshire Police. ● Moreover it also shows the latest local news and events .

Verbal presentation can used by west yorkshire police to persuade ,inform ,influence and explain their targeted audience . All of these are important for West Yorkshire Police as they hold them within the potential to change things in the organization . The presentations that are provided should be the following which are listed below ● Powerful ● Passionate ● Persuasive ● Professional Role plays Role play can be an effective way of delivering message to their target audience .Role plays are used by west yorkshire police to train new employees to deal with their customers,interview clients or be trained on how to sell their products or services .Role plays are effective because they can be used to give their targeted audience or receiver the opportunity to try new ideas and skills that have been discussed . Role play can be essential method to make sure that the message is fully understood by receiver , and the audience . On Screen multimedia Presentation Multimedia presentations can be viewed by West Yorkshire police on stage using a projector and a laptop , it can also be information which is transmitted or played locally by a media player or a radio .Online multimedia can be downloaded or streamed over west yorkshire police's website .In a business context a multimedia is often presented by using a laptop and projector . This would therefore involve the variety of media such as text slides which is programmed on Microsoft powerpoint , west yorkshire police could also use photographs , images of west yorkshire police , sounds music and links to internet . This would make the presentation look professional and would catch the readers or customers attention . A presentation like this would be delivered by a west yorkshire police officer who is delivering the presentation to a client or a targeted audience .Moreover the information which is provided on the multimedia presentation can be compiled on a cd or dvd , which therefore the receiver could play it for themselves on their own computer at their own place , e.g how slow or how fast they wish the video to be at . Use of Images Images used by west yorkshire police can make the communication to the audience better , as customers tend to remember more what they saw , than what they heard. Using Images which represent west yorkshire police is the best way of helping the audience to remember the message provided by west yorkshire police .There are some important points to remember whilst using the images. ● Making sure that the images are relevant to what is being presented . ● Co-ordinate Colours . ● The use of images cannot be distracting , flashy colours ,complicated charts only if they are relevant . Images with impact can gain the audience's attention , show the point being made , explain something more clearly and make a point very strong .

Web based information Web based information is an advantage for west yorkshire police because no matter where people are they can stream the internet and get the information and message whenever it is convenient for them . Web based information is a visual presentation to an internet connected audience , no matter what participants are connecting to the west yorkshire police website . It is possible for west yorkshire police and the targeted audience to stream sophisticated content to a computer anyone on the world .Most users would have download the web based information if the content is programmed by microsoft powerpoint and is an increasingly offer not just the ability to digitally to distribute their presentations but also to create their presentation in order to deliver their message to their targeted audience . Multilingual Support On some occasions west yorkshire police and other business would have to communicate or give a presentation where some members would be non-english speakers . In these circumstances you should consider arrangements for them such as another member for the police to translate or translation of handouts and presentation , moreover speak clearly with those that know english a little . The sources that are use for different types of business information are listed below ● Resolution of images ● Page layout ● Text formating ● Use of Tables ● Combining information ● Use of specialist software and hardware The reason behind using all the above factors is to make sure that the document, presentation is attractive to the eye and easy for the audience to understand as possible . The factors which are listed above are important in order to consider improving west yorkshire police presentation output which include the above factors . Resolution of images Image Resolution which represent west yorkshire police describes the detail an image hold . The term applies the same as digital images ,film images and other type of images .High resolution of the image means more image detail of West Yorkshire Police .Resolution units can be tied to physical sizes an example of this is 1 cm , 1 meter or 1 line or to the overall size of the whole image . Page layout Page Layout : Page layout means the part of graphic that deals in the arrangement and style treatment of content on a page . West Yorkshire Police would use page layout as a ‘’house style ‘’ for certain documents an example of this may be press releases . These documents will have a same look and feel , so the audience becomes familiar with the way West Yorkshire Police portray their information to their targeted audience . Therefore this may mean that a particular font style and size should be used for the body text , heading and captions of the document produced by west yorkshire police . Some word processing packages have paragraph and

heading styles which west yorkshire police can use for their document . When producing a page layout the police should remember that their targeted audience would find it much easier if their layout of the page is well structured and they use clear heading and relevant images to cut out the text . Text Formating Text Formatting : Text formatting is setting up the way a page of text will look once the text has changed , bold or italic type ,margins , indent ,column , table ,headers and footers Text formatting is programmed by microsoft word so that it could add emphasis and structure to West Yorkshire Police documents . West Yorkshire Police can change the font , size , style colour , spacing and vertical position of text and add effect such as underlining to text . West Yorkshire Police have control over the spacing and indentation ,add bullets and numbers and set alignment . You can apply formatting to either selected words or a paragraph of the document .The main rule is that you can apply font properties such as font , size,colour,highlighting and adding effects to selected text and paragraph properties such as alignment ,bullets , numbering , shading and borders to the text of the entire paragraph. Use of tables Uses of tables can be used to include data of west yorkshire police which can be helpful to make the point using a graph scale or a table .These portrayed methods can make the point much stronger rather than describing the data by west yorkshire police . If West Yorkshire police run the presentation , it would lead the wrong message to the target audience or confuse the target audience . An advantage of graphs and tables are that it would enhance the message west yorkshire police are delivering . Word processing software allows you to create tables on Microsoft word or import the data on a spreadsheet which is programmed by Microsoft Excel . Tables can adjust information which is provided by west yorkshire police in columns and rows , so that it is all grouped neatly and easy for west yorkshire reader to interpret . Graphs and tables are useful for both finger and text where there should be a clear relationship between two or more columns on the spreadsheet or microsoft word. Combining information Combining information is preparing and gathering information which is provided by west yorkshire police and arranging the information on one document . They can also combine the information and import it on a report or powerpoint slides ready for a presentation . A computer would be useful for this because they can then copy and paste different information provided by west yorkshire police from various electronic sources into one document . Use of specialist software and hardware West Yorkshire police use specialist software and hardware to make presentations , there are also many other computer programs that will help west yorkshire police present information .Microsoft word is versatile program that will help them produce most printed business documents . However if west yorkshire police wish to make their

document more visually appealing , west yorkshire police can use microsoft publisher and Adobe Indesign to give west yorkshire police organization a professional result . Corporate communication is the communication which is issued by west yorkshire police to its stakeholders such as employees , customers , agents ,channel , partners ,media , government , industry bodies and the general public .West yorkshire police can use the following corporate communication which are listed below . ● Mission Statements ● Advertising ● Packaging ● Logos ● Livery ● Straplines ● Endorsement ● Sponsorships Mission statements Mission statement is the statement which shows the meaning of the purpose of the company -what it stands for such as broad products or services it attends to offer customers . Mission statements should incorporate socially and meaningfully . The intent of the mission statement should be the first consideration of any employee of west yorkshire police evaluating strategic decision of the company . The statement can range from simple to a complex of ideas . West Yorkshire Policies mission statement is listed below . West Yorkshire Police statement:’’ reduce crime and protect the public of West To Yorkshire, improving outcomes for offenders, offender’s families and local communities, through the development, delivery and monitoring of an Integrated Offender Management scheme.’’ Advertising Advertising is the form of communication used by west yorkshire police to help them sell products and services .Advertising would help west yorkshire police to communicate the message including the same of the product and service that west yorkshire police are providing and how the service and product that west yorkshire police are providing can benefit the consumer . Using advertisement would persuade the regular customer to purchase more of west yorkshire policies services or products . Advertising can be used to promote west yorkshire police itself rather than promoting the products and services west yorkshire police provide the customers . Some advertisement are used to create increased consumption of those products and services through the creation and the reinforcement of ‘’brand image’’ . West yorkshire police can use advertisements to embed their messages which may be persuasive with fatal information . The types of media that would be used to deliver west yorkshire police's message would be the media which are listed below . ● Television ● Radio

● Cinemas ● Magazines ● newspaper ● video games ● carrier bags ● bill boards ● post ● internet marketing Packaging Packaging can be used to describe the enclosed or protection of products for distribution ,storage ,sale and use .packaging and package of the products which are provided by west yorkshire police have a number of objectives .Packaging and the package have a role in the physical protection but they also show information about the storage and disposal of the product .This would therefore help the organization to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product provided by west yorkshire police .Marketing communication and graphic design are used to the surface of the package and also at the point of sale display . Logos A logo is the visual symbol of west yorkshire police or a brand of west yorkshire police . The logo of the product will have a signature of west yorkshire police which will represent west yorkshire police itself .Logos is the corporate communication mechanism that is significant to building a communication with their targeted audience .Logos of the organization are the essential parts of the west yorkshire police ‘s image and key to the marketing success , and the quality is the highest importance of west yorkshire police .

Livery Livery and signage are used effectively to reinforce and promote further a brand or west yorkshire police . This can be the west yorkshire police campaign vans , vans , cars ,clothing ,incentive items or signage. Logos are an extension of west yorkshire police and the logo should not look overlooked .Company livery is a significant part of an combined corporate communication plan . Transport livery is the most common and successful form of these type of corporate communication . Straplines Straplines : Straplines is the type of catchphrase for west yorkshire police .Straplines are mostly seen on adverts on signs of west yorkshire police .Straplines are useful for promoting west yorkshire police message and can be used to put on the majority of west yorkshire policies communication . Straplines can be used on the following which are listed below. ● Promotional material ● Letters ● Websites ● Business cards etc .

The significant aim of a strapline is to make the existing and regular customers aware of what west yorkshire police is and what they do . A good Straplines of west yorkshire police would be remembered and which will mean that people are more likely to remember if they wish to purchase a product or a service , west yorkshire police provides the service and product they wish to purchase . A good Straplines would also remind the customer the qualities and aims of west yorkshire police .A good strapline would help west yorkshire police to maintain their image and spread their intended image . Endorsement Endorsement marketing is having famous people recommending west yorkshire policies product and service others , they also have an important part in corporate communication .Endorsers can be famous celebrities , starts , athletes, musicians and so on. West yorkshire police would normally chose someone from their team to represent west yorkshire police so that increases awareness of who is the inspector of certain aspect of location of where west yorkshire police are based . West yorkshire police may also use someone from their team to promote their products and services that they are providing .An endorsement can increase the sales of west yorkshire polices fast and make it credibility to west yorkshire policies product or services . Sponsorship Sponsorship is the increasingly common form of promotional activity which again is the form of corporate communication which is referred to sponsorship. Sponsorship is also when west yorkshire police support the event ,activity or other organization providing money or other resources that are useful for the event . Sponsorship is usually the return of advertising space at the event which is being sponsored by west yorkshire police or the publicity of both organizations .

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...Unit 4 Assignment 1 1. Read the following article Agans, R., & Shaffer, L. (1994). The hindsight bias: The role of the availability heuristic and perceived risk. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 15(4), 439-449. “ This article can be located by using the Kaplan Online Library article search feature. Click here to access the Kaplan Library. You may also access the Kaplan Library by following these instructions: 1. Click the Academic Tools tab 2. Click Online Library. 3. Log in to your account 2. Read the narrative for Exercise 11-38 – found on page 459 in your textbook. Assume that you are a business consultant hired to advise Earth Baby, Inc. (EBI) on the proposed venture from Great Deal, Inc. (GDI). Your task is to analyze the proposal and make a recommendation to either accept or reject it. Your analysis must include critical thinking and analysis supported by evidence using independent references. Your analysis must also include any biases that might be relevant to the proposal. The analysis must be Word document, 2 to 2 and ½ pages long, not including the Title Page and Reference List. The analysis must be presented in proper APA, 6th Edition formatting, including a Title Page with properly formatted Running head. A “Conclusion” section is also 11-38 Special Order Earth Baby Inc. (EBI) recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The company produces organic baby products for health-conscious parents. These products include...

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Unit 4

...Deborah Rodriguez April 22, 2014 Social Security & Disability Seminar Assignment Unit 4 In unit four, we learned about the attorney fees that came up with our assignment. There are two main sources of attorney’s fees in Social Security cases. Most awards by far are paid by the claimant, usually out of past-due benefits. Another source of fees is the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA), a federal fee-shifting statute. For the most part, attorney’s fees for OASDI and SSI claims are governed by the same or similar rules. Many of the same rules apply also to non-attorney representatives. Attorney’s fees paid out of the claimant’s benefits are regulated by statute and regulations. Fees for claims resolved within SSA are authorized at the administrative level where the final decision is reached. Thus, administrative law judges approve fees in cases where a favorable hearing decision was issued, and the Appeals Council authorizes fees in cases decided finally only by the Appeals Council. The representative must file a request for fees in writing, which must include a list of services performed, the amount of the fee, and any expenses incurred. SSA considers a number of factors when evaluating a representative’s request for fees, including the type and amount of services performed, the difficulty of the case (including the skill required of the representative), and the results achieved. Although the amount of benefits received is taken into consideration, it does...

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Unit 4

...Running Head: Managing Talent Case Study MT203- 01 Unit 4 Assignment Human Resource and Management October 19, 2015 Professor Maria Minor 1. What conclusions can you draw about the supply of and demand for labor at Yahoo? The conclusion about the supply would be for Yahoo to try to continue to do what they were doing when the old internet of Yahoo when business was booming but little twist to getting involved in the new internet. The twist of getting the new internet into their business would be the demand of their supply. Something that can attract the new generation especially since it’s all about the internet and the new technology. I also think that Yahoo should partner with other investors that will help advertise their business. Example would be like Samsung and Amazon Fire use google or have the google app already on their devices. So going into business with another company/investor can also help them as well. 2. What actions might Yahoo take to strengthen its internal recruiting? How might these efforts support Yahoo’s corporate strategy? Some actions that yahoo can take to strengthen its internal recruiting would be to advance in careers and to have the employees share their ideas. It states that Yahoo is seeking pathways for growth so since the employees already have an idea of what the company is expecting or may need; maybe promoting someone into office and having them share their ideas on what the company needs can strengthen the company...

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Unit 4

...Assignment Instructions Unit: 4 Instructions: This week's Assignment consists of reading a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc., and responding to four questions. Dalman and Lei have discussed two possible avenues to grow and expand Sandwich Blitz, Inc. One possible strategy would be to franchise locations. Another strategy would be to secure venture capital to finance an internal expansion by opening more company-owned shops. Dalman feels that he just doesn’t have time to investigate these options because he is spending an increasing amount of his time assisting the location managers. Lei noted that two of the location managers had exhibited a lot of skill in the management of their locations and perhaps a new position could be added to coordinate with the location managers. This would free Dalman to work on these larger issues. After reading the scenario above and your assigned readings in the textbook, paying particular attention to the section on authority, respond to the following questions: (Please number your responses 1 – 4 according to the four questions) 1. How would creating a new position between the CEO and the location managers help the business to grow? 2. Is promoting an existing manager the best option to fill this position? If not, what is an alternative source to fill the position? 3. Who within the company should make these decisions? 4. List the levels of authority (management) that Sandwich Blitz, Inc. would have if the new position is created. To help...

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On Line Social Sites

...respondents, 65 or 59 % are female and 45 or 41 % are male. They were at average age of 17.5 in female and 17.23 in male. On frequency of respondents in favorite SNS, number of hours usage, moments spend using SNS, priority of reasons in using SNS and number of friends on line, the respondents’ mean favorite site used is 93 respondents preferred Facebook as networking site, followed by 69 or 62 % who prefers other sites, 65 or 59 % prefers Youtube, 46 or 41 % prefer Twitter, while 44 or 40 % prefer Yahoo messenger. Out of 110 , there are 46 or 42 % who spend time with SNS in 30 to 1 hour, 44 or 44 % spent 2 to 3 hrs, while 13 or 11 % used 4 to 5 hrs, and only 7 or 6 % devoted 5 hours or more. In moments used in SNS, Out of 110 respondents , there are 16 or 14 % use SNS in vacant period, while only 2 or 2 %% do it during class, 4 or 3.6 % do SNS in before class and 88 or 80 % use SNS after their class. Out 110, there were different reasons why they use SNS, such as bumming around which ranked 1 , 84 or 76 % , 75 or 64 % ranked studying as 2, 73 or 63 % meet new friends on SNS, and 42 or 38 % both for UpdaIng with family and friends. Out of 110, there are 10 or 9 % who have 10 to 100 friends on line , 16 or 14.5 % have 101 to 200 friends,...

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Acct 504 Case Study 2

...improvement and future success of this company moving into the public market. In order to properly perform an assessment of the LBJ Company, there first had to be some set of standards or regulations that outline the internal controls and proper procedures for companies and businesses to adhere to for financial reporting. As it turns out internal control is a key component of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act(FCPA) of 1977 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act(SOX) of 2002 which required companies to follow this set of internal controls. This list of internal controls is as follows: 1). Conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner, 2). Safeguard its assets and resources, 3). Deter and defect errors, theft, and fraud, 4). Ensure accuracy and completeness of accounting data, 5). Produce reliable and timely financial and management information, 6). Ensure adherence to its policies and plans.(O’Malley) From this point on all senior management officials will be held responsible for enforcing and ensuring that their company follows these regulations and...

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