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There are so many forms of data used where I work, that it is practically one way of describing what it is we do. Nursing and operating a hospital are so full of different uses of data that it is a challenge to break them down into individual uses. There is data used for budgeting, staffing, and supplies. Data is collected on demographics of the patient population. Data is measured constantly in patients; vital signs, lab values, and measurements of all sorts. We also conduct clinical trials in vast numbers collecting data on efficacy, treatment variation, modalities, and outcomes.
2. One example of descriptive statistics we use in our work place is yearly charts depicting prevalence of falls hospital wide. These charts are shown in a number of ways and are divided by unit so that each unit can be compared one with the other. Additionally, they have charts showing the yearly trends by unit and hospital-wide. They get fairly detailed on some of them showing specific categories of fall occurrence, for example; assisted vs. unassisted; Falls due to toileting; falls by time of day; falls by assessed risk category. This practice is highly effective and allows everyone to see where, when, and how falls are occurring. It also provides insight into how to go about reducing the instances.
3. Where I work we do use inferential statistics, in fact we apply it a lot. We administer chemotherapy and study its effects. We collect data from sample populations (trials) and based on the analysis develop protocols to treat patients for side effects that are commonly associated with the treatment, regardless of actual occurrence or rather before assumed occurrence. An example of this is the chemotherapy “nadir” effect; data that shows a drop in blood cell count in ten to fourteen days after initiation of therapy. We have a slew of measures to prevent this drop in blood counts…...