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1. How did Vincent Van Gogh sign his paintings? - Vincent 2. What did Sir Christopher Cockerell invent? Hovercraft 3. In Bingo, what number is referred to as ‘Doctor’s Orders’? - 9 4. What is the Mexican food Gazpacho? - Cold soup 5. How many toes does a dog have? - 18 6. What canal is located behind Croke Park's Canal End? - Royal Canal 7. Which Beatle's first girlfriend was Thelma Pickles? - John Lennon 8. What is the capitol city of Libya? - Tripoli 9. Name the stock-market trader who sent Barings Bank into bankruptcy. - Nick Leeson 10. Name the French blue cheese made from ewe's milk - Roquefort 11. What was the first phrase recorded by Thomas Edison on his phonograph? - Mary had a little lamb 12. Who trained the 2013 Aintree Grand National winner Auroras Encore? - Sue Smith 13. What life-saving device did Sir Humphry Davy invent? - Miner's safety lamp, the Davy Lamp 14. Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his right arm during which battle? - Santa Cruz de Tenerife 15. Who would use a trudgeon? - A swimmer 16. Which soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine made from the salivary excretions of the swiftlet? - Bird’s Nest Soup 17. Which geographical area is part of both Chile and Argentina? - Tierra del Fuego 18. Name the two main ingredients of pasta. - flour and water 19. Who wrote the poem beginning with the words "Because I could not stop for death..." - Emily Dickinson 20. Who said, "The medium is the message"? - Marshall McLuhan 21. Patrick Viera received 8 red cards in his English Premier League career. This puts him in joint-first in the list of red cards with which Irish player? - Richard Dunne 22. Which American comedian and social activist unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States in 1968 as a write-in candidate of the Freedom and Peace Party? - Dick Gregory 23. In what year was the All Ireland Football Championship first held in Jones' Road (now Croke Park)? - 1895 24. What did Thomas Crapper invent? - The modern flushing toilet 25. Who invented a system of shorthand based on sounds, not letters? - Sir Isaac Pitman 26. Which John Grisham novel was turned into a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts? - The Pelican Brief 27. The pot-bellied pig is a breed of domesticated pig originating in which Asian country? - Vietnam 28. Name the four main human blood groups. - A, B, AB and O 29. What is the second smallest county in Ireland? - Carlow 30. Which 16th Century astronomer first proposed the theory that the planets go around the sun rather than the earth? - Copernicus 31. What is the minimum age one must be to contest the Irish Presidential election? - 35 32. What was the name of the rescue ship that picked up Titanic survivors following the disaster? - Carpathia 33. What is the County town of County Kerry? - Tralee 34. The Book of Kells was written in what language? - Latin 35. The 2013 Pulitzer Prize for fiction was won by author Adam Johnson for his novel based in North Korea. What is the name of the novel? - The Orphan Master's Son 36. The mineral galena [pr. "gal-ee-na"] is the chief source of which metal? - Lead 37. Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal? - Mediterranean & Red Seas 38. As of April 2013, who is the Head of the IMF's Mission to Ireland? - Craig Beaumont 39. How many people are needed for a three-legged race? - Four 40. Who wrote the books Holes, Monkey Soup and Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes? - Louis Sachar 41. What is the largest women's organization in the world? - YWCA 42. Who wrote the Twilight series of novels? - Stephenie Meyer 43. The Dewey Decimal system is used to categorise what? - Books 44. What is the name of Popeye’s son? - Swee’Pea 45. Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame? - Victor Hugo 46. Termonfeckin is a village in which Irish county? - Louth 47. What is the plural of Mongoose? - Mongooses 48. Name the craft of knotting threads to create decorative yet useful objects. - Macrame 49. The Cork village of Clonakilty unveiled a statue to what animal in April 2013? - Monkey 50. What is the average temperature of the human body, in degrees centigrade? - 37 51. Name the type of footwear invented in 1815, which enables the wearer to move very quickly over smooth, flat ground. - Roller skates 52. What was the very first women's magazine called? - The Ladies Mercury 53. In what year was the Battle of Clontarf? - 1014 54. Following a 2012 decision at the European Parliament, March 24th 2013 became the first European day of what very popular dessert food? A> Ice-cream 55. What is the codename given to the UK investigation into allegations of sex crimes against the late DJ and presenter, Jimmy Saville? - Operation Yewtree 56. The basket under a hot-air balloon is officially known as what? - A gondola 57. The USA has the largest rail network in the world. What country has the second largest rail network? - Russia. India is third. Ireland is 73rd 58. In which year was the ESB founded? - 1927 59. Which story begins: "All children except one grow up"? - Peter Pan 60. What name is given to the regions of the US where religious fundamentalism is dominant? - The Bible Belt 61. When was Margaret Thatcher first elected Prime Minister? - 1979 62. Which Irish historian was refused a visa to travel to the US in late 2012 and thus had to cancel a tour promoting his new book The Famine Plot? - Tim Pat Coogan 63. Astigmatism is a condition affecting which part of the body? - The eye 64. A traditional Scottish dessert, in modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal. What is it called? - Cranachan 65. What is the largest city in the Sierra Madre mountains? - Mexico City 66. Which famous cookware manufacturer has been based in the city of Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, since 1925? - Le Creuset 67. Who wrote the novel, The Mystery of Mercy Close, published in April 2013? - Marian Keyes 68. What is the easternmost country in the European Union? - Cyprus 69. What dog is named after a Mexican State? The Chihuaha 70. In what year did the first hosting of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest, take place? - 1897 71. What is the capital of The Bahamas? - Nassau 72. What is the name of wat- er that collects in the bottom of a boat? Bilge water 73. Who was the last British monarch to be divorced while still on the throne? - Henry 8th 74. If it is 12 midday in Dublin, what time is it in Tokyo? - 9 p.m. 75. Which country reaches further North: Finland or Norway? - Norway 76. Which is the southern-most state of the United States of America? - Hawaii 1. Almost one quarter of all chess matches begin with the moves e4 c5. This is the opening move of a defense, named after which Mediterranean island? - Sicily 77. What was the first country to win the World Cup twice? - Italy 78. How many sides has a heptagon? - 7 79. Name one of the two tiles with the highest score in Scrabble? - Q or Z 80. In 2007 Portsmouth and Reading set the record for the game with the most goals in the FA Premier League. How many goals were scored in total? - 11 (7-4) 81. By what name is Paul Francis Gadd better known? - Gary Glitter 82. Etymology is the study of what? - words, or origin of words 83. What is the name of the police officer in Top Cat? - Officer Dibble 84. Which three-digit number refers to the NOT FOUND error message indicating that a HTTP server cannot find the requested item? - 404 85. How many digits in a Visa Card number? - 16 86. Jessica Capshaw plays Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy - who is her famous stepdad? - Steven Spielberg 87. What is the name of the Italian region, the capital of which shares its name with the Italian name for an item on the flag of Mexico? - Abruzzo 88. Which French philosopher said, "I think, therefore I am"? - Rene Descartes 89. Which Kerry placename means "height of the graves"? - Ardfert 90. Which famous American singer got a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for the movie From Here to Eternity? - Frank Sinatra 91. What is Hillary Clinton's middle name? - Rodham 92. John F. Kennedy's widow married which shipping tycoon? - Aristotle Onassis 93. Which player has the record for the most goals at a single soccer World Cup finals? - Juste Fontaine (France) 94. In the song "The 12 Days of Xmas", what did my true love send to me on the 9th day? - nine ladies dancing 95. As of April 2013, how many All-Ireland senior championship medals does Kilkenny's Henry Shefflin have? - Nine 96. Which early President of the United States, as well as writing most of the Declaration of Independence, also invented the swivel chair? - Thomas Jefferson 97. What angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 4 o'clock? - 120 degrees 98. In the song "Here Comes Santa Claus", on what thoroughfare is Santa traveling? - Santa Claus Lane 99. What word links the “Wizard of Oz” with the top goal-scorer in the 1990 World Cup finals? - Toto (Schillaci) 100. Where are Pikeur cigars made? - Holland
|What is the name of BAFTA winning comedian Brendan|Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie |
|O'Carroll's debut film? | |
|The film about Michael Collins' life is called |Liam Neeson |
|'The Big Fellow'. Who played the lead role in that| |
|film? | |
|What film famously made the village of Cong, in |The Quiet Man |
|County Mayo, into a mecca for fans of this movie? | |
|Who played the lead roles in 'The Quiet Man'? |John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara |
|The opening 20 minutes of 'Saving Private Ryan' is|Curracloe Strand in County Wexford |
|set on Omaha beach, but where was it actually | |
|filmed? | |
|Cate Blanchett stars as a doomed Irish journalist |Veronica Guerin |
|in what film of the same name? | |
|In the 2007 film 'Garage' what Irish comedian |Pat Shortt |
|plays the main character Josie? | |
|Limerick author Frank McCourt wrote a book about |Angela's Ashes |
|his childhood, which was later made into a film. | |
|What was the name of the film? | |
|In 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', what |The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare |
|Irish cliffs feature in a dramatic scene when | |
|Harry and Professor Dumbeldore are battling with | |
|evil? | |
|In the 1969 classic 'The Italian Job', where were |Kilmainham Jail, in Dublin |
|all the jail scenes actually filmed? | |
|What famous actor starred in 'The Italian Job'? |A very young Michael Caine |
|In the award-winning film 'Braveheart', where was |On the Curragh Plains, County Kildare |
|the Battle of Stirling Bridge filmed? | |
|In the 1965 British Cold War film 'The Spy Who |At Smithfield, Dublin |
|Came in from the Cold' where were the Berlin Wall | |
|and Checkpoint Charlie scenes filmed? | |
|What famous actor played the lead role in 'The Spy|Richard Burton |
|Who Came in from the Cold' | |
|Colm Meaney starred in a 1996 funny film as an |'The Van' |
|unemployable middle aged man just before the | |
|Celtic Tiger period. What was the name of the | |
|film? | |
|What film was set in the fictional Irish village |Waking Ned |
|of Tulaigh Mhór (Tullymore), about a man who had | |
|won the National Lottery? | |
|Where was 'Waking Ned' filmed? |Isle of Man |
|What film, based on the stage play of the same |Red Roses and Petrol |
|name by Joseph O'Connor, is set in Dublin and | |
|stars Malcolm McDowell and Max Beesley? | |
|What 2007 American drama film is based on a novel |P.S. I Love You |
|of the same name by Irish writer Cecelia Ahern? | |
|Daniel Day-Lewis won his first Academy Award for |My Left Foot |
|Best Actor in which 1989 film? | |
|Whose life story was portrayed in 'My Left Foot'? |Christy Brown |
|Who was the director of 'My Left Foot'? |Jim Sheridan |
|Which Irish actress won an Academy Award for Best |Brenda Fricker |
|Supporting Actress in My Left Foot? | |
|What other film did Jim Sheridan direct in 1990, |The Field |
|starring Richard Harris in a memorable role? | |
|What powerful drama did Jim Sheridan direct about |In America |
|an Irish family who immigrate to New York? | |
|'A Shine of Rainbows' (2009) was filmed on |The Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal |
|location in what Irish coastal county? | |
|Who played the lead roles in the film 'Life's A |Pat Shortt and Fionnuala Flanagan |
|Breeze' - about a family searching for a lost | |
|fortune around the streets of Dublin? | |
|What is the name of Ireland's premiere feature |The Dublin International Film Festival |
|film festival? | |
|Which Irish actor starred in the 2007 film 'The |Brendan Gleeson |
|Black Irish'? | |
|Who wrote and directed the 2010 film 'White Irish |John Gray |
|Drinkers'? | |
|On what day of the week was it regarded as being |Sunday |
|unlucky to cut your fingernails? | |
|What does the term 'luck penny' or 'luck money' |This means returning a small portion of the sale price to |
|mean? |the seller when a deal is made |
|What feastday is celebrated on February 1st? |Saint Brigid's Day |
|On St Brigid's Day people went from house to house|A Brideog |
|carrying a straw doll. What was the doll called? | |
|What is St Brigid's cross made from? |Rushes |
|What was put up into the rafters of a house, on St|A straw from the Christmas nativity scene |
|Brigid's Day, to protect against evil spirits? | |
|If a person drank nettle soup on May 1st, it was |Rheumatism |
|believed they would be free of what for a year? | |
|What day was condsidered lucky to sow potatoes? |Good Friday |
|What birds flying directly over a house were |Crows |
|considered an omen of death? | |
|When and what was 'Nollaig na mBan'? |January 6th - 'Little Women’s Christmas' when men would take|
| |over the housework for the day! |
|In the west of Ireland what was a 'Foidin Mara'? |A 'stray sod' or 'enchanted' piece of grass whereby a person|
| |stepping on it would become disorientated and lost |
|It was believed unlucky to knit at night until you|The sheep |
|were certain who were asleep? | |
|A stocking filled with hot potatoes and applied to|Tonsillitis |
|the throat was a cure for what ailment? | |
|What was a besom and what was it used for? |A roughly fashioned short-handled sweeping brush made from a|
| |clump of birch cuttings, normally used to clean the hearth |
| |area of the kitchen |
|What was a ciseán ('cish-awn')? |A household basket crafted from reeds |
|What is meant by the term 'keening'? |When women family members would cry and wail over a relative|
| |who had died |
|What was a 'Banshee'? |A fairy woman reputed to wail and cry at the impending death|
| |of members of certain families |
|Why did unmarried girls place slice of wedding |In the hope that they dream of their future husband |
|cake under their pillows? | |
|What is a Seanachaí? |A traditional Irish storyteller/historian |
|Allegedly what will happen if you kiss the Blarney|You will get 'the gift of the gab (talk)' |
|Stone? | |
|What was the most popular way of finding a husband|Matchmaking |
|or wife in Ireland long ago? | |
|A famous annual matchmaking festival takes place |Lisdoonvarna, County Clare |
|in what county? | |
|Who or what were the 'Straw-boys'? |Groups of uninvited revellers dressed in top hats, masks and|
| |skirts of straw who arrived at weddings where they sang and |
| |danced |
|What day are you likely to see 'Wrenboys'? |St Stephen's Day |
|What is another name for 'Wrenboys'? |The Mummers |
|What was the significance of a horse or donkey |To bring good luck |
|shoe nailed above the door in an Irish house? | |
|Who would be the preferred first visitor to a |A tall dark handsome man would bring good luck |
|house on New Year's Day and why? | |
|What New Year's Day visitor was believed to bring |A red haired girl |
|hardship and grief to a house? | |
|Which road do the Saw Doctors sing about in a song|The N17 |
|of homesickness and emigration? | |
|Which fruity sounding band had hits with 'Linger' |The Cranberries |
|and 'Zombie'? | |
|What did the Corrs do On Corners according to |Talk |
|their album title? | |
|How many members of Boyzone were there? |5 |
|What was Sinead O'Conner's distinctive hairstyle |Shaved head |
|in her early days of success? | |
|How many members of the Corrs are not female? |1 |
|What are the Corrs first names? |Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim |
|Who sang "YMCA"? |The Village People |
|Which instrument is James Galway famous for |The flute |
|playing? | |
|Which Kicks did the Undertones have in the 70s and|Teenage |
|80s? | |
|John McCormack, Irish singer, was famous for which|Tenor |
|singing voice? | |
|The Pogues were formed in what year? |1982 |
|Which Dolores fronts the Cranberries? |O'Riordan |
|Lord Mountcharles is connected with which |Slane |
|high-profile Irish musical festival? | |
|"Dana" is her professional name but what is her |Rosemary Brown |
|real name? | |
|Riverdance, the stage show, who composed the |Bill Whelan |
|music? | |
|Which Ash hit shares its name with a James Bond |Goldfinger |
|film? | |
|How many 'shades of green' does the song say can |40 |
|be found in Ireland? | |
|The song by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl sang of |New York |
|a Fairytale of ......? | |
|According to Percy French's song, What do the |'sweep down to the sea' |
|Mourne Mountains famously do? | |
|Lady in Red is most famous for which Irish |Chris de Burgh |
|singer-songwriter? | |
|Which famous city was James Galway born ? |Belfast |
|Which Irish boyband made history when their first |Westlife |
|5 singles went straight to number one in the UK | |
|charts? | |
|Which city did OTT come from? |Dublin |
|Which all girl band sounded like they had magical |B*Witched |
|powers? | |
|Which Daniel sang 'Whatever Happened To Old |O'Donnell |
|Fashioned Love?'? | |
|Larry Mullen Jr is a member of which Irish |U2 |
|rock-group? | |
|Who is singer Eithne Ní Bhraonáin better known as?|Enya |
|"In Blue" is the title of an album released by |The Corrs |
|which Irish Group in 2000? | |
|Which Irish pianist and composer composed the |John Field |
|Nocturne? | |
|Who wrote the music and lyrics of the song "Ride |Jimmy McCarthy |
|on"? | |
|Pete Briquette was a member of which Irish rock |The Boomtown Rats |
|group? | |
|"Do they know It's Christmas?" was co-written by |Midge Ure |
|Bob Geldof and who else in 1984? | |
|'The Edge' from U2, what is his real name? |David Evans |
|What was the name of the song Dana sang in the |All Kinds of Everything |
|Eurovision Song Contest? | |
|In U2 which instrument does the Edge play? |Guitar |
|Which folk band joined The Pogues on their version|The Dubliners |
|of the Irish Rover? | |
|Who sang 'Have I told you lately that I love you" |The Chieftains |
|with Van Morrison? | |
|What is the first name of teen star Mumba? |Samantha |
|In 1951 which film was shot on location in Cong, |The Quiet Man |
|County Mayo and directed by John Ford? | |
|Is a bodhran a drum or a fiddle? |Drum |
|Armagh 'The Orchard County', is known for which |Apple |
|fruit? | |
|What does GAA stand for? |Gaelic Athletic Association |
|Which actress played the part of Mary Kate Danaher|Maureen O' Hara |
|in "The Quiet Man"? | |
|By what other name is the Liffey Bridge in Dublin |Ha'penny Bridge |
|known as? | |
|What lies on top of an Irish Coffee? |Cream |
|"Dancing at Lughnasa" was written by which Irish |Brian Friel |
|playwright? | |
|What traditional instrument does Sharon Corr (of |Fiddle |
|The Corrs) play? | |
|In the legend of the Fianna, what was the Land of |Tír Na Nóg |
|Eternal Youth? | |
|Between 1849 and 1920, which port in County Cork |Cobh |
|was known as Queenstown? | |
|What did Lir turn his wife Aoife into after he |A Vulture |
|discovered what she had done to his children? | |
|Which bird is said to be "king of the birds"? |The wren |
|What are the Twelve Bens? |Mountains |
|In 1986 which Bob received an honorary knighthood |Geldof |
|after founding Band Aid? | |
|Which Irish city is also known as "the city of the|Galway |
|tribes"? | |
|Which island off Cork has an observatory of |Clear Island |
|migratory birds? | |
|In which city is the Irish soap "Fair City" set? |Dublin |
|Where in the Shannon estuary were transatlantic |Foynes |
|crossings initially made? | |
|In which town in Co. Roscommon is the Irish Famine|Strokestown |
|Museum? | |
|What is the name of the fictional town in Donegal |Ballybeg |
|where most of Brian Friel's plays are set? | |
|In which museum is the Tara Brooch? |National History Museum, Dublin |
|Which is the most famous title at the Tralee |The Rose of Tralee |
|festival? | |
|Who duetted with Westlife on Against All Odds? |Mariah Carey |
|Which Irish Saint is said to have discovered |Saint Brendan |
|America a thousand years before Columbus? | |
|In the Irish broadcasting company RTE, what does |Radio |
|the R stand for? | |
|What music conpetition did the priests from Father|The Eurovision Song Contest |
|Ted once enter? | |
|Which shellfish is the theme of a Galway Bay |Oysters |
|festival at the start of the season? | |
|What does the circle in the centre of the celtic |The Sun |
|cross represent? | |
|The Crying Game won which Oscar for Neil Jordon's |Screenplay |
|film | |
|A Samuel Beckett and an American situation comedy |Happy Days |
|have the same title, what is it? | |
|What character from radio, literary, film and |James Bond |
|comic strip has been played by an Englishman, | |
|Scotsman, Australian, and Irishman? | |
|A traditional Irish stew contains which meat? |Lamb |
|Which children's computer animated film used the |Toy Story |
|song 'The Boys are Back in Town?' by Thin Lizzy | |
|To make an Irish coffee, what alcohol ingredient | |
|would you use | |

1. How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball? 3
2. Plymouth is a city in which English county? - Devon
3. Which film director born on February 23, 1889 directed the 1939 movies 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Gone with the Wind'? - Victor Fleming
4. What is Hillary Clinton's middle name? – Rodham
5. Cats were once sacred animals in what ancient culture? Egyptian
6. What was the name of the rescue ship that picked up Titanic survivors following the disaster? – Carpathia
7. What Zodiac sign is represented by the water carrier? – Aquarius
8. How many events are there in a decathlon? – Ten
9. What do Sumo wrestlers throw in the ring before a bout? – Salt
10. Where in Russia was this year's Winter Olympics held? – Sochi
11. Harry Styles is a member of which boyband? – One Direction
12. Whom did Democrat Bill Clinton defeat in the 1996 US Presidential Election? - Bob Dole
13. Which story begins: "All children except one grow up"? - Peter Pan
14. What do you call the young of a Leopard? – Cub
15. Name the woman who won gold for Britian in the Skeleton event at this year's Winter Olympics. - Lizzy Yarnold
16. What is the codename given to the UK investigation into allegations of sex crimes against the late DJ and presenter, Jimmy Saville? - Operation Yewtree
17. In Star Wars, what species is Chewbacca? – Wookie
18. What did Thomas Crapper invent? - The modern flushing toilet
19. Which John Grisham novel was turned into a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts? - The Pelican Brief
20. Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal? - Mediterranean & Red Seas

QUESTIONS: 1. Name the first Democrat Party member in almost 20 years to become Mayor of New York City in January 2014? Bill de Blasio 2. What do you call the young of a Leopard? Cub 3. Why was Pat Storey in the news during December 2013? She became the first femal Bishop in Ireland and UK (Bishop of Meath and Kildare in the Church of Ireland - Anglican). 4. What colour would Coca Cola be if you were to remove the artificial colouring? Green 5. Leixlip is in what Irish County? Kildare 6. In what year did the Dunblane school shooting take place in Scotland? 1996 7. What car model was named Irish Car of the Year in 2013? Citroen C4 Picasso 8. In what year did the Mutiny on the Bounty take place? 1789 9. James W. Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma in 1848 starting off a gold rush in the area. In what US State is Coloma? California 1. At which ski resort was Michael Schumacher seriously injured during late 2013? Meribel 2. Martin Callinan

3. Maurica mccabe

|Office |Name |Term |Party |

Taoiseach |Enda Kenny |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Tánaiste |Eamon Gilmore |2011– | |Labour Party | |Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade | | | | | |Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine |Simon Coveney |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht |Jimmy Deenihan |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Children and Youth Affairs |Frances Fitzgerald |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources |Pat Rabbitte |2011– | |Labour Party | |Minister for Education and Skills |Ruairi Quinn |2011– | |Labour Party | |Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government |Phil Hogan |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Finance |Michael Noonan |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Health |James Reilly |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation |Richard Bruton |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Justice and Equality |Alan Shatter |2011– | |Fine Gael | |Minister for Defence | | | | | |Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform |Brendan Howlin |2011– | |Labour Party | |Minister for Social Protection |Joan Burton |2011– | |Labour Party | |Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport |Leo Varadkar |2011– | |Fine Gael | |VictorYanukovych


Limerick, 36,24

CREDIT UNION SCHOOLS QUIZ 2013 – Stage 1 Questions.
1. How many minutes in ¾ of an hour?
Answer: 45 minutes
2. What is the capital city of Germany?
Answer: Berlin
3. What is the start of a river called? Beginnning with letter ‘S’
Answer: Source
4. What do you call the farm machine used to make furrows? It used to be pulled by horses. Answer: Plough
5. What is the term given to the flag flown by pirates with a picture of a skull and bones on it called?
Answer: Jolly Roger
6. There are three wires in most appliances – earth, live and neutral. What colour is the live wire?
Answer: Brown
1. Sir Walter Raleigh brought which common vegetable to Ireland that was attacked by blight during the famine?
Answer: Potato
2. Which Australian soap opera is set in Summer Bay?
Answer: Home and Away
3. Which planet has the same name as the Roman God of the Sea?
Answer: Neptune
4. In chess, what direction does the bishop move? Diagonally, Vertically or Horizontally?
Answer: Diagonally
5. Sayonara means good bye in what language?
Answer: Japanese
6. Which vitamin do we get from the sun?
Answer: Vitamin D
1. Mickey Mouse’s dog shares his name with a former planet. Name him? Beginnign with Letter ‘P’
Answer: Pluto
2. What enormous structures were used as tombs for pharaohs in Ancient Egypt?
Answer: Pyramids

4. Dublin is built on the River Liffey, Cork is on the River Lee. What famous river is
London built on?
2015. Liam O'Neill is the 37th president of the GAA.

Answer: Thames
5. What is the largest county in Ulster?
Answer: Donegal
6. What do you call an angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180?
Answer: Obtuse
1. Jim Davis wrote the comic strip Garfield. What kind of animal is Garfield?
Answer: Cat
2. What sport is controlled by FIFA?
Answer: Soccer/football
3. Kos and iceberg are types of which vegetable commonly found in salads?
Answer: Lettuce
4. What creature lives in a set/sett?
Answer: Badger
5. A General Practitioner is more commonly known as what?
Answer: Doctor/GP
6. What islands in the Atlantic Ocean share their name with a small yellow bird?
Answer: Canaries
1. What tree produces acorns?
Answer: Oak
2. If a creature is said to be nocturnal, when is it usually awake?
Answer: Night
3. The next Olympic Games will be held in Brazil. What year will that be?
Answer: 2016
4. What small metal instrument would the doctor be using if you went for acupuncture?
Answer: Needle
5. The dorsal fin of a fish is located where on its body?
Answer: Back
6. Name the hurricane that hit the city of New York in 2012?
Answer: Sandy
1. What colour do you make if you mix red and blue?
Answer: Purple
2. Complete this common phrase: Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight. Red sky in the morning shepherds’ ________________.
Answer: Warning
3. Who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb?
Answer: Howard Carter
4. What is the medical name given to the thigh bone?
Answer: Femur
5. The Book of Kells can be found at Trinity College Dublin. What language is it written in? Answer: Latin
6. Which county in Ulster is closest to Scotland?
Answer: Antrim
1. What date is April Fools’ Day?
Answer: 1st April
2. Is a whale a fish or a mammal?
Answer: Mammal
3. Ms. Trunchbull is the headmistress of a school in which Roald Dahl book?
Answer: Matilda
4. The Statue of Liberty is in New York. What does she hold in her RIGHT hand?
Answer: Torch/flame
5. How many holes are there on a full size golf course?
Answer: 18
6. In the common saying, what ‘P’ comes before a fall?
Answer: Pride
1. Snap, Crackle and Pop appear on the box of which breakfast cereal?
Answer: Rice Krispies
2. Do geysers blow hot or cold water from jets in the ground?
Answer: Hot
3. In the solfa scale, which note is higher? ‘me’ or ‘soh’
Answer: ‘Soh’
4. Each year, a credit union holds an AGM at which it reports on the performance of the credit union during the year. At this meeting , credit union members also get the opportunity to elect the Board of Directors. What does AGM stand for?
Answer: Annual General Meeting
5. Which JOHN invented the television?
Answer: Logie Baird
6. Red admiral, tortoiseshells and Painted Ladies are all types of what?
Answer: Butterfly
1. What is the longest running race in the Olympics called?
Answer: Marathon
2. What kind of creature is Spongebob’s friend Patrick?
Answer: A starfish
3. Antarctica covers which of the earth’s poles?
Answer: South
4. What is Batman’s butler called?
Answer: Alfred
5. What name is given to a triangle where all the sides are the same length?
Answer: Equilateral
6. How many American Presidents are carved in Mount Rushmore?
Answer: Four (Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson)
1. Little Things was a number one hit for which boy band in 2012?
Answer: One direction
2. Using the letters from MAN and SOD, what word is used to describe people who move from place to place to find food?
Answer: Nomad(s)
3. What animal roars at the start of a film produced by MGM studios?
Answer: Lion
4. Who lives at No. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
Answer: President of USA (Obama)
5. What kind of craft rides on a cushion of air?
Answer: Hovercraft
6. What does the Geiger counter measure?
Answer: Radiation
1. Which famous co-founder of Apple died in 2011?
Answer: Steve Jobs
2. Apples and Oranges have pips. What do peaches and plums have at their centre?
Answer: Stone
3. Which sport would you associate touch downs and end zones?
Answer: American Football
4. How many points is ‘Q’ worth on a scrabble board?
Answer: 10
5. Name the island in San Francisco Bay that used to be a high security prison.
Answer: Alcatraz
6. Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spiderman, works at the Daily Bugle. What is his job there? Answer: Photographer
1. Which sport that can be played on grass or clay do you associate the terms deuce and ace? Answer: Tennis
2. Jedward is made up of John and Edward. What is their surname?
Answer: Grimes
3. Who was visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future?
Answer: Ebenezer Scrooge
4. The national emblem of Ireland is the shamrock, England is the rose. What is the national emblem of Scotland?
Answer: The thistle
5. Big Ben is in London. The name Big Ben however does not refer to the tower or to the clock. What actually is Big Ben?
Answer: The bell
6. Beginning and ending with the letter A, what is the loss of memory known as?
Answer: Amnesia.
Use three only
1. What number does M represent in Roman Numerals?
Answer: 1000
2. Eamon De Velera, former president of Ireland was born in which US city?
Answer: New York
3. Samedi is the French for which day of the week?
Answer: Saturday
4. If you roll a dice and the three is facing up, what number is facing down?
Answer: 4
5. What are incisors, Canines, Molars and Bicuspids?
Answer: Teeth
6. In Greek mythology, what type of animal was Pegasus?
Answer: Horse (with wings), a flying horse
Tiebreakers (2)
Use three only
1. A person of royal or aristocratic birth is said to have what colour blood?
Answer: Blue
2. What would you expect to find in a vespiary?
Answer: Wasps (wasps’ nest)
3. What length is the Amazon River?
Answer: 6,400km (nearest wins)
4. In what year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?
Answer: 1876 (nearest wins)
5. How old was Mother Theresa when she died?
Answer: 87 years old (nearest wins)
6. What number is between 15 and 17 on a dart board? Answer: 2 (nearest wins)

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