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Vivian Thomas: An Unsung Hero

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What if you did what others could not and someone took the credit? Vivian Thomas was an unsung hero because he made a procedure that saved millions of babies but didn't get credit. It was November morning and Eileen Saxon was dying but rushed to surgery were Thomas's procedure saved Eileen Saxons life. That moment changed medical history and Thomas was a hero or an unsung hero. Hear his life before one of the greatest moments in history.

Thomas was eleven years old and going to school and had a job as a carpenter to support his family but also was saving up for college. He graduated from Martin Luther King Magnet at Pearl High School in 1930. Then the Great Depression came and millions of people including Thomas loss their life savings. So desperate for a job Thomas found a low paying job at a university and he got the job and the person he was …show more content…
Then Blalock and Thomas met Taussig first female cardiologist who saved lives, but she could not do anything for blue babies so she challenged Blalock to see if he can plan a surgery that can save blue babies. The bad thing was that Blalock was chief of surgeon, so Thomas was trying to find cure for blue baby syndrome. Thomas then found a way to give blue baby syndrome to animals and tested on them for moths day after day. Finally, Thomas found a way to move the arteries from the infected part and give more oxygen to the lungs. Blalock only performed the surgery once, then Taussig called and said Eileen Saxon (who has blue baby syndrome) was dying and Thomas performed the surgery hundreds of times and Blalock was asked to do it and he only performed it once. During the surgery Blalock was doing it very carefully with Taussig on the other end and behind Blalock was Thomas who was telling him every single thing to do. The surgery was a success and Eileen was a light pink and Blalock and Taussig got the

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