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Topic: The Psychology of Batman.
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience on the psychology behind The Dark Knight comic book series.
Central idea: Today, I will be sharing with you the psychology behind Batman.

Attention-getter: Batman is a character we all know and have grown up to know in our lives.
Credibility material: I have read many of the Batman comic book series and seen many documentaries and movies on the Dark Knight himself and have always been interested in the masked vigilante.
Preview of speech: Today, I am going to go over just the basics of Batman, starting off with his beginnings, the villains he faces, and then bringing us to the psychology behind the characters themselves.

(Link: First, let’s start with what we all know, the origin of Batman.)

BODY 1. Bruce Wayne’s story has been retold many times since 1932 but one thing always remains the same, how his parents died. a. One night when the Wayne’s were on a family outing that ended in tragedy. Walking home, his family accidentally entered what was known as Crime Alley and were mugged. i. During the mugging, the mugger shot both of Bruce’s parents right before his eyes. ii. After this event Bruce was taken into custody by his families butler, Alfred Pennyworth. b. After this young Bruce swore to avenge his parents later on taking on the persona of the Dark Knight himself.

(Link: So that is how he became Batman, so now lets talk about a few of the prominent villains he faces and their back story.) 2. The Riddler c. Edward Enigma

Summary statement: Walt Disney was definitely a pioneer for the entertainment industry we know today. He was the ultimate example of guest service and how someone can come from nothing and make all of his dreams and aspirations come true.
Audience response statement: Now you know a little bit as to why I admire Walt Disney so much.
WOW statement: Walt Disney once said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt Disney was a man of innovation and passion. He loved everyone he came in contact with and showed it. He is truly an inspirational person.

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