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Walton Bangladesh

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Report on A study on the various products of Walton Bangladesh ltd.

Report on Walton Bangladesh ltd.

Prepared for
Anika Khurshid
College of Business Administration(CBA)

IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and technology
Submission Date: 30th March, 2013


We the student of BBA, in the college of business administration (CBA) at IUBAT (International University of Business Agriculture and Technology) declaring that this report on the topic WALTON BANGLADESH LTD, has only been prepared for the fulfillment of the course of MGT 201 (Management process), it has not been prepared for any other purpose, reward, or presentation.

Name | ID | Program | Section | Signature | Shiek Sazzad Hossain | 12102401 | BBA | F | | Nusrat Jaman Muna | 12102370 | BBA | F | | Rifat Sultana | 12102431 | BBA | F | | A.B.M Golam Muktadir | 12102392 | BBA | F | | Rehena khatun | 12102384 | BBA | F | | Ruksana Akter | 12102379 | BBA | F | |

Letter of Transmittal:

30thMarch, 2013
Anika Khurshid
Colleges of Business Administration
IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
Uttara, Dhaka

With due respect, we are here to submit the following report on Walton Bangladesh according to the instructions given by you.
After going to several Walton showrooms in Dhaka and doing a thorough online research on Walton Bangladesh, we have been quite successful in collecting necessary background information about Walton Bangladesh. A survey among the existing and prospective Walton users also helped us to understand the market trend and the consumer behavior. The following report is the result of our findings and efforts.
We appreciate this opportunity to work under you.

Sincerely Yours,...

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