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2015 English Reflection Task 1. What was/were the thing/things you most enjoyed learning about in English last year? Why?
The things I most enjoyed learning about in English last year was that we had a fantastic and well educated English teacher he taught us everything we had to know about the English language at a certain year level. 2. What did you least enjoy? Why?
In English last year I least enjoyed the behaviour of our fellow classmates, interrupting the teacher many times and from that we don’t get to learn a lot of things. 3. Did you enjoy the novel studied (Marsden’s) last year? Would you recommend that this text continue to be used at that year level? Why/why not?
‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ written by John Marsden was a fantastic and enjoyable book read by our class and I would highly recommend that the school should continue reading the book at that year level because it’s a very excellent and enjoyable book for the whole year level to read. 4. What sorts of activities/teaching methods helped you to learn last year? Why did these work for you?
The sort of teaching methods that helped me learn last year In English would be the class talk, this is because many people including myself like to work with other people. 5. What are you most proud of in your English classes last year? (grade improvement, contributing to lessons, learning a skill you’ve been struggling with, etc.)
I’m most proud of in my English class last year was my grade improvement as well as learning a skill I’ve been struggling with. 6. What do you hope to improve or develop this year?
I hope to improve spelling difficult words. 7. What has been your best memory from last year’s English class?
My best memory from last year’s English class would be achieving many high grades for most of my assignments and task sheets. 8. What is one...

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